Four Fall Bags to Pair with Your Cowgirl Boots

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The fall season means a whole new slew of warm and cozy outfits that you will want to wear. Some cold weather items never go out of style and make you want to bundle up in them year after year. Here at Sheplers, we know that the items that we rock from fall to winter year after year include flannel, classic cowboy boots, and of course our worn-in perfect fitting pair of jeans.

If your style remains relatively consistent over the years, but you still want to update your wardrobe, then why not rock a new fall bag? Here at Sheplers, we have plenty of options that will perfectly complement your classic style. Check out these four fall bags to pair with your cowgirl boots that will take you from fall to winter for many years to come.

Shep Fall Bags


Frye Michelle Work Tote

Shep Fall Bags 2

American West Amber Waves Zip Top Tote Bag

Shep Fall Bags 3

Frye Jenny Fold Over Bag

Shep Fall Bags 4

American West Gameday Collection Silver Studs Black Small Crossbody Bag

How to Take Care of Your Favorite Jeans

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Finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans is one of the most challenging feats when it comes to completing your wardrobe. However, once you finally do, chances are that you will want to rock them for as long as you can.

Shep Replace Jeans

In order to make sure that the perfect pair of jeans from Sheplers lasts as long as you want them to, check out these tips on how to take care of your favorite jeans.


  • Forget to add a cup of vinegar when you wash them in order to prevent fading.
  • Dry your jeans in the dryer.
  • Forget that you can simply put your jeans in the freezer to freshen them up.
  • Neglect to have your jeans hemmed if they are too long.
  • Wash your jeans too much, this will only make them fade and get worn out faster.


  • Wash them inside out.
  • Rotate through at least three pairs of jeans so you don’t wear out your favorite pair.
  • Wear them at least three times before washing them.
  • Fold your jeans instead of hanging them in order to prevent stretching out the fibers.
  • Wash by hand instead of in a washing machine.

Three Items Every Person Raised in the Country Owns

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For those who are used to the country way of life, you know that there are certain things that are kept in your home forever, no matter how many annual spring cleanings you do. For some reason, those raised in the country have a certain attachment to things that withstand the expiration date of the seasons – whether it’s fall, winter, spring or summer.

After all, some items are classic and deserve to be kept around and worn for as long as you want. Chances are, if you were raised in the country, then you already have these three items stored away for safe keeping in your home.

Shep Own from Country

  1. Denim Jacket. Made for wearing anywhere, the only thing that rivals the durability of a denim jacket is the ever-present classic style it brings to any wardrobe. Since it is almost impossible to get rid of your favorite worn-in denim jacket, then at least give your old one a break and rock this denim jacket from Sheplers.
  2. Boots. Much like your favorite pair of jeans and denim jacket, once you break-in your favorite pair of cowboy boots, chances are that you will not want to trade them in. However, sometimes you do need a replacement pair, especially if you are outside a lot, so check out the boot selection from Sheplers for a pair that will fit your liking.
  3. A Cozy Blanket. Regardless of whether or not you are hanging around the campfire or simply lounging on the couch on a lazy Sunday, everyone from the country has at least one comfy blanket that they want to keep forever.

How to Tell When it is Time to Replace Your Jeans

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Jeans are in season throughout the year. Whether it’s a hot summer day in the field or a cool autumn evening, jeans never go out of style. And while jeans become more distinct and gain character as time wears on, there is, as with everything, a tipping point. Even the most rugged pair of jeans will reach their breaking point. Continue reading “How to Tell When it is Time to Replace Your Jeans”

The Loafer Is Back in Style

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Sure, when you think of a loafer you probably think of your school days, or maybe even putting a penny in them for good luck. This fall, relive your favorite childhood shoe because the loafer is back in style and Sheplers has plenty of options to choose from.

Regardless of whether or not you are a guy or gal, an adult or child, or have a western or preppy style – Sheplers has a style of loafer that will suit exactly what you are looking for.

Going with virtually everything, the loafer is timeless enough to pair with almost any outfit and immediately give it a classic twist. This season, pair your favorite loafers from Sheplers with your favorite western style outfits, or country outfit for a look that is out of the box and completely unique.

Check out the loafers from Sheplers below in order to pick out which pair (or pairs) you want to rock this fall season!

Shep Loafers 1


Frye Women’s Otis Mid Penny Loafers

Shep Loafers 2

Frye Lewis Leather Penny Loafers

Shep Loafers 3

Frye Lewis Leather Venetian Loafers

How Sheplers Wears Their Boots in the Fall

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Now that fall is finally here, it is time to break out your cold-weather clothes. While boots are a given when it comes to bundling up as temperatures drop, that doesn’t mean that they have to be worn the same way year after year. In fact, they might spice up your wardrobe more than you realize and give your old favorite items of clothing a facelift with minimal effort on your part.

Simply check out these ideas from Sheplers on how to wear your boots during the fall season for a whole new take on fall fashion. Use our ideas and pair them with your favorite items already in your closet, and you are good to go!

Pair it with a skirt. Not ready to pack away your favorite summer skirts until next year? Luckily, you don’t have to! Simply pair your favorite summer skirts with a tall boot and voila – a fall take on a summer classic.

Shep Fall 3


Pair it with dark pants. Simple, chic, and effortless, this is a look that you will be repeating all fall long.

Shep Fall Boots 2

Pair it with dresses. Much like pairing your boots with your favorite skirts, this is the perfect solution for those summer dresses that you are not quite yet ready to hang in the back of your closet. When it starts to really cool down, throw on a pair of tights underneath your dress for the perfect look to transition from fall to winter.

Shep Fall Boots

Why You Should Wear White after Labor Day

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Since rules were meant to be broken, fall fashion rules are no exception. After all, winter whites are stunning when paired with the right accessories and look great with basically everything.

Neutrals match anything, which is why white jeans are the perfect accent to any tan, gray, or black sweater you want to pair them with. Simply add a pair of boots, whether they are ankle, cowgirl, or tall boots with a cozy neutral-colored sweater – for an effortless fall outfit that will get you out the door in five minutes or less.

Shep Fall Guide 3

Wearing all white also perfectly complements your favorite denim jacket. Find a new way to rock classic jean material by pairing it with a classic white dress, a classic pair of riding boots, and one of the many fall bags from Sheplers.

Shep White

The best part of wearing all white? This look was made for rocking with cowgirl boots! No matter what shape, size, or color your cowgirl boots are, throw them on with your all-white outfit for a simple fall look with a country flair.

Fall Shopping Guide from Sheplers

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Summer is almost officially over and the days of sundresses, sandals, and tank tops will soon be a distant memory of the past. Instead, expect to replace your easy breezy summer items with the biggest (not to mention the comfiest!) trends of the season – think chic sneakers, relaxed fitting t-shirts, and a crisp pair of jeans.

After all, dropping temperatures means autumn colors, cozy fleeces, and boots of every kind. Once you have put all of your warm weather clothes aside until next year, make sure to check out this fall shopping guide from Sheplers. Regardless of whether or not you are looking to completely overhaul your entire fall wardrobe or simply update a few key pieces, Sheplers has just what you are looking for.


Shep Fall Guide 1

Frye Parker Tall Boots

Rocker Tee

Shep Fall Guide 2

Cowgirls & Diamonds Women’s Trust Live Free Long Sleeve Shirt

Knit Dress

Shep Fall Guide 3

Woolrich Women’s Dutch Hollow Sweater Dress


Shep Fall Guide 4

Frye Women’s Greene High Back Zip Shearling Sneakers

One Key Piece of Jewelry

Shep Fall Guide 5

Blazin Roxx Metal Flowers Necklace & Earrings Set

Suede Jacket

Shep Fall 6

Faux Fur Lined Suede Coat

Classic Clutch

Shep Fall Guide 7

Blazin Roxx Basketweave Clutch