Horseback Riding Games

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The thought of trusting a 2,000-pound animal can be intimidating to inexperienced horseback riders. Participating in horseback riding games can help riders to become familiar with their horses, develop skills, and calm any fears associated with riding such large animals. Sheplers western wear store recommends seasoned riders help newcomers work on these horseback riding games as a fun exercise mechanism for the horse, and a skill development strategy.

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While a seasoned instructor holds the horse still, the rider will attempt to slowly rotate their bodies around on the horse, eventually facing sideways then backwards. This game is beneficial for teaching riders to maintain balance without using their hands or feet.


Decide on two endpoints using a tree, fence, or other marker, then see who can make it to the finish line the fastest. Just make sure you’re racing in a safe area free of traffic!

“Walk, Trot, Canter”

Like the famous childhood game Red Light Green Light, “Walk, Trot, Canter” requires riders to signal their horses to walk slowly, or speed up the pace with a trot or canter. The instructor calling the game can signal for the rider to make their horse suddenly stop, which is a necessary skill in horseback riding.

Beginners Polo

This horseback riding game is more for fun and exercise. Riders imitate a traditional polo match by attempting to drive a ball into the opposing team’s goal, while on horseback.

Main and Tail Braiding contests

For the younger children, a mane and tail braiding contest is a great way to get them familiar with how to approach a horse, and the correct position to stand near a horse for safety.

For development in comfort, balance, and skill, try these horseback riding games from Sheplers western wear.

What are Sheplers Work Boots Made Of?

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As part of a compliance with safety and health regulations introduced in 1994, many industrial companies require their employees to wear work boots. Protective footware is important in industries that involve things like:

Cold weather

Sharp objects


Molten metals


Electrical hazards

Slippery Surfaces

 A good pair of work boots can not only protect you from accidents, but also keep you comfortable over a long shift in almost any work environment. Quality work boots can make all the difference in your work day.

Sheplers work boots are made with a variety of materials, mainly leather, rubber, and canvas. At you can choose from steel toe, composite safety toe, comfort tech, waterproof, slip resistant, snake proof, electric hazard, and insulated boots for your work site.

Laying a foundation for worker safety starts from the ground up. Sheplers offers a variety of work boots that are both stylish and durable for safety on any job site.

Decorating Your Bathroom – Country Style!

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Whether you live in the country or not, you can still enjoy living the country lifestyle by decorating your home with some beautiful western décor from Sheplers. Being the number one spot to purchase all things western for your wardrobe, Sheplers also has you covered when it comes to home and bathroom décor. If you are decorating your home to match your wardrobe and southern taste, check out these three tips and products for decorating your bathroom – country style!

For a country inspired bathroom that will make even your most southern friends and family members jealous, we like the combination of white subway tiles with black grouting and shiplap. With the beautiful mixture of dark wood-look floors, you need the perfect southwestern style shower curtain to pull the entire look together.

For beautiful accent pieces in your country bathroom décor, Sheplers suggests the HiEnd Accents Savannah 4-Piece Bathroom Set in both turquoise and mustard colors. These sets include a lotion dispenser, soap dish, tumbler, and a toothbrush holder.

Sheplers suggests creating a rustic atmosphere with plenty of wood and wire. Mason jars also make a magnificent touch to the natural, bright, and comfortable country bathroom décor. After painting and decorating the mason jars in colors like beige, gray, cream, white, or other rustic, earthy colors to match your bathroom décor, you can use them as miniature flower pots or places to store cotton balls and Q-Tips.

Give your bathroom a western facelift and make it just as inviting as your southern hospitality and charm with a country-style bathroom that’s decorated for the kings of rodeo!

A Brief History of Horseback Riding

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The earliest evidence of horseback riding dates to over 5,000 years ago, when fossils of horse teeth indicated that a riding bit was placed in the animal’s mouth. Since then, horses became a great resource for long-distance travel, as well as herding large groups of cattle and other animals. Horses are powerful animals, and were put to work for tasks like packing animals and pulling large loads of food, water, and supplies from one group of people to another. There is much speculation over which people began riding horses first – the Brahmins in India or the Chinese.

Western style horseback riding is believed to have derived in the Southwestern United States in the 1600s, to accommodate the daily needs of cowboys. English style riding, characterized by its saddle that allows the rider closer contact with the horses back, is believed to have originated in Europe before coming to America.

At one point horses were the main source of transportation, integral to everyday life in trading, transportation, and even warfare., Today horseback riding is greatly popular as a racing sport, for its therapeutic properties, and general exercise. Many people enjoy horseback riding simply because of the emotional and spiritual connection they feel with these massive, majestic creatures.

Equestrian clothing plays a major role in horseback riding competitions, and general horseback riding activities today. Sheplers, the number one source of Western apparel, helps you dress the part with different designs that can accommodate certain styles, sports, and disciplines within horseback riding. Check out our women’s equestrian boots and jackets. Men can check out our equestrian jackets and equestrian breeches to ride in style.