Comfort or Utility? Western Wear Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to creating the perfect western inspired outfit, there are many do’s and don’ts to consider in terms of comfort and utility. While every cowgirl is looking for stylish apparel options, when it comes down to outdoor western activities, being comfortable and the ability to store accessible items is key. Sheplers western wear shares with you how to dress to impress while keeping comfort and utility in mind.




Comfort is the main concern for all adventurous cowgirls out there. There are many stylish options for riding boots and cowgirl boots that you can rock and feel good at the same time. Sheplers suggests that you purchase boots that come with a protective padding inside for added comfort. These Ariat Fatbaby Heritage Dapper Cowgirl Boots come with a leather lining as well as a padded foot bed, and the embroidered decoration give the perfect western flair. Don’t purchase boots that are too snug or ones that are big enough for extra movement. Comfort is important with any pair of boots!




When it comes to women’s western wear, utility is a major factor that most cowgirls look for and need. Every rider needs a functional pair of breeches that fit well and come with pockets for easy storage. These Ovation Women’s Teen Celebrity DX Breeches are the perfect pair that come with stretch fabric to avoid impeding movement. You can still be fashion-forward on the stables. We recommend that you don’t ignore utility when it comes to all cowgirl related activities. Do look your best while conquering your next adventure!





Color Matching Guide for Western Themed Handbags

Matching your outfit with the perfect handbag will not only complete a look but make you stand out as the trendy and stylish woman you are.  Western themed colors pair extremely well with the fall season trends, and any woman can rock the ultimate country girl look with the right accessories. Sheplers shares with you these western wear fashion tips for all cowgirls looking to stay on trend with their western themed handbags.


When it comes to matching colors with an outfit, we suggest you go bold and pair together strong colors that truly make a western statement. A turquoise handbag will make any country themed outfit pop no matter which colors you pair it with. This adorable Indian Bead Fringe Messenger Bag adds the perfect touch to any look, and we suggest you match this bag with the brown and orange color pallet. Not only is this bag trendy with colorful flair, but it also includes stylish details with beading and stud accents.

Warm red tones are always a fall favorite as they pair seamlessly with neutral colors such as tan and beige. This beautiful and detailed AmericanWest Red Grand Prairie Crossbody Bag is made with genuine leather and it is the perfect fall handbag for any western girl. The design of this bag is intricate and the ultimate country girl’s dream handbag. It will add a pop of color to any soft toned outfit choice.


All Sheplers western themed handbags are the right accessories to add to a cowgirl’s fall outfit.

3 Tips to Ensure Your Work Boots Are Comfortable

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There are many Americans who are required to wear work boots on the job. No matter what industry you work in, the common goal for all work boots is always comfort and safety. For those on their feet all day long, it’s so important to choose a pair that provides you with the ultimate ease and comfort in order to get your work done seamlessly. Shepler’s Western Wear gives you three tips to ensure you choose the right pair of work boots for your job.

A Match Made in Heaven


The way your boots fit is a crucial component to the overall comfort. We recommend that you take your time when purchasing your next pair, and there are some key factors to pay attention to before you make your decision.  Work boots that are too short or too narrow on your feet are often uncomfortable. However, boots that are too big will bring too much movement and cause blisters and hot spots to form on your feet -ouch! The width of your index finger should fit in between the heel and the inside of the boot.

Search for Quality and Known Brands


High quality boots will be sure to last a long time and will not wear out quickly. Old and run down boots will result in discomfort on the job. Quality work boots will include the proper materials and textile linings that are made for comfort and will last for years. Well-known brands offer dependability with their products, which is why Sheplers offers a wide variety of brand name work boots.

Purchase Insoles


Not only do insoles provide extra comfort for your feet, but also they give great arch support that you will realize is needed on the job. Inserting insoles into your work boots will also stretch the lifespan of your boots. It’s so important to take care of your feet at a high-impact job.



How to Choose the Perfect Cowboy Baseball Cap for Him

When it comes to choosing which cowboy baseball hat to purchase, men value style, pattern, as well as comfort. The different materials used in baseball caps will play into the ease and comfort of any hat. Consider his personality. Would he enjoy a pop of color? Is he satisfied with something durable and more neutral? Pay attention to the different style brims and their adjustability – some men prefer to adjust their hats, and some prefer a set size.


1. HOOey Men’s Doc Patch Aztec Print Mesh Ball Cap

This cool and stylish cap from HOOey has a black mesh back that allows for breathability and comfort. The snap back feature gives any man the perfect fit. The red-blue Aztec print pops on the front, and the flatter brim gives this baseball cap a more modern look.

2. Bex Men’s Gamut Patch Baseball Cap

Maybe you’re looking for a piece a bit more understated. This dark grey fitted cowboy baseball cap isn’t anything flashy, but it’s sturdy and made with the same material throughout. Its heathered appearance is only interrupted by a tan Bex patch on the front. This curved brim number is sure to provide a lifetime’s worth of use.

3. Cody James Men’s Gradient Flag Ball Cap

Looking for a way to show you bleed red, white, and blue? This baseball cap for him from Cody James is a perfect way to show your patriotism. This is another curved bill with distressed detailing and contrast white stitching on a navy-blue material. The cowboy snapback gives this American flag-themed hat is one size fits all, with an extra America flag print detailing on the underside of the visor.

4. Rock & Roll Denim Men’s Camo Trucker Cap

Rock and Roll Denim has done it again. A black-and-grey camouflage mesh back gives this piece some pizzazz. A contrast white stitching on the black front and visor is accentuated by a “Rock & Roll Denim” patch. As a trucker cap, the visor is a bit shorter, but it’s one size fits all and ready to roll out onto the open road. 


Sheplers recommends that you keep in mind style, comfort level, and adjustability when searching for your next cowboy baseball hat. We have a wide variety of options for all cowboys! Visit Sheplers western wear online or stop into one of our western clothing outlets across the country.


Updated November 2020

5 Country Western Songs All Real Southerners Know and Love


Country western music is all about sticking to your roots and holding on to nostalgia. Real southerners know that music is an escape to reality, and the western genre encompasses the best ways to honor the past and capture that feel-good moment. From legendary country artists such as Johnny Cash to Dolly Parton, there have been so many hit songs that embody a real southerner. Sheplers Western Wear breaks down the top five country western songs that all southerners need to know and learn to love.


  1. Jolene by Dolly Parton– This classic country western song was created in 1973 and today it is known as one of the most vulnerable and raw songs. Parton is one of country’s most beloved artists and she held nothing back in this popular track.
  2. I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash– Taking it back all the way to 1956, the creation of this song proved to be a defining moment in country western music history. The baritone from Cash is iconic and this song will always be a hit in the eyes of real southerners.
  3. Live Like you were Dying by Tim McGraw– This hit song provides a lot of heart and a great message for all southerners out there. This record is relatable to everyone and is extremely meaningful.
  4. Not Ready to Make Nice by The Dixie Chicks– This iconic western group will always be known for producing some of this genre’s most favorable music. This song was released in 2006 and is still loved by all today.
  5. Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker– This cherished folk song was brought back as a cover in 2013 and it has all southerners singling along to every lyric. This anthem will always be loved by country fans.


Sheplers Western Wear knows the significance of great country western music and is always looking out for the next hit songs.



The True Meaning of the Term “Cowboy Up”

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cowboy -up-sheplers

cowboy -up-sheplers

The popular term “Cowboy Up” can be used in many different settings to be tough and resilient in the face of adversity. In difficult times, a real cowboy will be able to bounce back from any situation and find a way to overcome obstacles. Cowboy Up can be a real-life lesson for all cowboys looking to become more independent and stronger. Sheplers Western Wear shares with you the true meaning of what it takes to be a cowboy and how to cowboy up in any situation life throws at you.


Whether you are more of the traditional cowboy working on a ranch or the modern day cowboy riding horses, you can benefit from learning how to overcome any challenge that are you are faced with. The cowboy up styles means that you will not back down and that you will find a way to finish what you sought out to accomplish. This mentality is embedded in you from a young age in the western world and it takes a handful of life experiences to truly master it.  The cowboy culture includes tough individuals ready to take on difficult tasks in all aspects of their life.


Sheplers offers a variety of men’s western wear for the true cowboy ready to rock any western occasion. From cowboy boots to the traditional cowboy hat, we know how important it is to look your best while you face obstacles during a rodeo or tending cattle. Get ready to cowboy up in your best outfit from Sheplers!




Kids Cowboy Boots Fitting Guide

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When it comes to finding cowboy boots for kids, you will want to search for the right fit and style of the boot for the perfect pair. Your children may not be able to express the exact fit of the boot; however, they will recognize comfort and lean towards what they find fashionable. Sheplers western wear offers a wide selection of kid’s cowboy boots, such as the Swift Creek and Ariat brand. Check out the best kid’s cowboy boot fitting guide here.



Trying on Cowboy Boots


When your child is trying on a pair of cowboy boots for the first time, if the boot slides on too easily, you can be sure that the pair is too big. There should be a snug feel to the boots and it may take a bit to slide in for the first time. You should explain to your children that once the leather of a boot molds to their feet, their cowboy boots will start to feel increasingly comfortable. The ball of their foot should rest easily in the widest part of the boot by the front of the arch. We recommend at least a thumb’s width of space between their toes and the end of the boot. There should also be a slight slip in the heel at around a 1/4th inch. Check with your child to make sure that the boot fits firmly around the front part of their foot. Keep in mind that your kid’s feet will grow quickly, so you may want to allow some space for growth! These helpful fitting tips will allow your children to rock the most comfortable cowboy boots.


Check out this awesome pair of Swift Creek Boy’s Cowboy Boots for your little cowboy in training!





Best John Wayne Movies of All Time

John Wayne, known for his iconic western films, was one of the 20th century’s biggest Hollywood stars. While his portfolio contains movies of many different genres such as romance, drama, and war, his western inspired films will go down in history as some of the best country themed movies that all cowboys enjoy. Sheplers Western Wear breaks down the top John Wayne movies from all time.





This 1939 famous western film was shot in Utah’s Monument Valley and tells an iconic story that will always hold a special place in western cinema. This was the breakthrough role that eventually made the Duke a star actor. There are major themes of revenge, greed, and redemption throughout this film that helped define the ultimate western genre.


Fort Apache


The first of John Ford’s cavalry trilogy, Fort Apache, includes many famous names such as Henry Fonda, John Wayne, and Shirley Temple. John Wayne plays Captain Kirby York who is well respected in an isolated U.S. cavalry post. Power, honor, and glory are common threads throughout this movie. This film offers simplicity and straightforwardness in the ultimate western setting.


The Searchers


This film is recognized today as the greatest western ever made by the American Film Institute despite not receiving a single Oscar nomination. The Searchers shows John Wayne at his absolute best in a role as a Civil War veteran with much heart and passion. This movie has been since referenced in many other films when it gained notoriety as a Western classic.