Best Kids’ Western Wear for 2020

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two little boys dressed in western wear. one is wearing plaid shirt. the other boy is wearing denim jacket. both kids are laying on a towel on the grass

Now that we have officially giddied up into the 2020 year, it’s time to dress your kids in the latest fashion. Sheplers, our western wear clothing store, is home to the best kids western wear for 2020; there is no need to pay full price for kids’ western clothing! Here at Sheplers, we offer discount western wear for kids in the latest styles and all the sizes. Continue reading “Best Kids’ Western Wear for 2020”

Should You Wear Cowboy Boots in the Rain?

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wearing boots in rain

Of course it’s easy to dress when it’s a nice day outside, but what are cowboys supposed to wear when its rainy, windy, cold, or wet out? Lucky for all the cowboys who invest in a good pair or cowboy boots, Sheplers has some good news for you! There are steps you can take (no pun intended) to ensure that your favorite pair of boots can withstand even the rainiest thunderstorm.

Waterproofing Cowboy Boots

If you happen to spend a lot of time where you’re stepping around in puddles, chances are you’re more concerned about the functionality of your cowboy boots, rather than the classy style of them. Now, when it comes to whether or not you should be wearing cowboy boots in the rain, just know that leather is naturally water repellent. With that being said, 100% leather boots will repel water. Although you can wear your leather boots in the rain, you must treat them before-hand, and afterwards in order to avoid any true damage. You can treat your cowboy boots with:

Before weather and waterproofing your boots, make sure you’ve given them a good shampoo and condition. Once your boots are clean and dry, you can begin treating them for the harsh weather conditions you may endure.

Sheplers suggests you avoid getting your exotic skin boots wet like snakeskin or lizard because the scales on snakeskin boots will curl when they’re wet, and they won’t return back to normal once they’re dry. Don’t attempt to weatherproof snakeskin or alligator boots either, because the waxy polish can build up within the scales and dull the finish or ruin the skin.

How to Dry Cowboy Boots

In the event that your boots are more wet than you wish, do not use a hair dryer to dry them. The heat can cause the leather or skins to shrink, which will remain permanent. If you’re trying to quickly dry out after wearing cowboy boots in the rain, you can put newspaper on the insides to absorb any moisture that may have gotten inside, and allow air to circulate around them. The professionals at Sheplers men’s western wear suggest keeping your boots in a well-ventilated area, and avoid storing them in dark, damp places.

Cowboy Boot Tips From Sheplers

Our Sheplers cowboys are no stranger to finding the best ways to treat cowboy boots. Our online western wear store offers a wide variety of cowboy boots, western style clothes, and cowboy boots for kids to ensure everyone is rodeo ready. Our stampede is always here to help you buy cowboy boots online that best fit your individual style and needs.

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Orignal Post: April 2018

Updated on: February 2021

Guide to Western Handbags

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black embroidered handbag with fringe on woman's shoulder

If you are looking to lasso your loved one a western handbag for their birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just because, then you should check out our wide selection of purses from Sheplers, your favorite western wear company. Are you wondering about the different types of handbags? Don’t worry! Check out this guide to western handbags from our cowboy fashion specialists. Continue reading “Guide to Western Handbags”

Fashion Inspired By Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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leonardo dicaprio and brad pitt leaning against a wall on set of once upon a time in hollywood
Photo courtesy of IMDb

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the ninth film from Quentin Tarantino. The film set in the late 60s and early 70s serves as an homage to Western cinema mixed with New Hollywood. You will experience the trials and tribulations of the movie industry and trying to make a name for yourself in Hollywood. One of the key aspects of the film is the cowboy fashion and western wear. Sheplers’ western wear stylists are here to share some of the fashion from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood so you can dress like the stars. Continue reading “Fashion Inspired By Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”