3 Hats You Need to Beat the Summer Sun

Now that summer is officially here, so is the heat and sun that comes along with it. Don’t get discouraged though – the sunshine is nothing that a little sunscreen and a great hat can’t fix! Aside from making everyone look like a possible celebrity, a hat is a great way to hide your hair after a day of humidity. These three hats from Sheplers will without a doubt take you through summer and into fall without having to sacrifice your style.

Cowgirl Hat

Shep Hats 1For those who rock a more casual look during the summer, this straw cowgirl hat is perfect to throw on with your jeans and a t-shirt, while adding a pop of turquoise color. Straw cowgirl hats are also the perfect way to add a country-girl flair to a cute sundress or jean skirt and cowgirl boots!


Baseball Cap

Shep Hats 2Just because you have to keep working outside during the summer, does not mean that you can’t look great while doing it! A baseball cap with a feminine twist will allow you to rock your hair in a ponytail, while still looking stylish.


Classic Sun Hat

Shep Hats 3Always a classic, you cannot go wrong with a wide-brimmed sun hat during summertime. Forever stylish, great at blocking the sun, and goes with almost any sundress in your closet – chances are, you will want to rock this hat every day!

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