3 Tips to Ensure Your Work Boots Are Comfortable



There are many Americans who are required to wear work boots on the job. No matter what industry you work in, the common goal for all work boots is always comfort and safety. For those on their feet all day long, it’s so important to choose a pair that provides you with the ultimate ease and comfort in order to get your work done seamlessly. Shepler’s Western Wear gives you three tips to ensure you choose the right pair of work boots for your job.

A Match Made in Heaven


The way your boots fit is a crucial component to the overall comfort. We recommend that you take your time when purchasing your next pair, and there are some key factors to pay attention to before you make your decision.  Work boots that are too short or too narrow on your feet are often uncomfortable. However, boots that are too big will bring too much movement and cause blisters and hot spots to form on your feet -ouch! The width of your index finger should fit in between the heel and the inside of the boot.

Search for Quality and Known Brands


High quality boots will be sure to last a long time and will not wear out quickly. Old and run down boots will result in discomfort on the job. Quality work boots will include the proper materials and textile linings that are made for comfort and will last for years. Well-known brands offer dependability with their products, which is why Sheplers offers a wide variety of brand name work boots.

Purchase Insoles


Not only do insoles provide extra comfort for your feet, but also they give great arch support that you will realize is needed on the job. Inserting insoles into your work boots will also stretch the lifespan of your boots. It’s so important to take care of your feet at a high-impact job.



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