4 Reasons to Get Excited When it Rains

Summer showers do not mean that you have to choose between wearing cute shoes and gambling on whether or not your shoes will survive trudging through puddles until August. You don’t have to risk getting caught in a sun shower in your favorite Minnetonka sandals. Instead, rock one of these show-stopping (hopefully rain stopping) rain boots from Sheplers! You may even find that you hope it rains on your parade, just so you have an excuse to rock your new favorite rain boots.

Shep RB 1

Blazin Roxx Women’s Rocki Sugar Skull Rain Boots

Shep RB 2

Roper Neoprene Shaft Rubber Boots

 Shep RB 3

Blazin Roxx Leanne Chevron Rain Boots

Shep RB 4

Bogs Women’s North Hampton Black Floral Waterproof Boots

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