A Laid Back Look: How to Dress Like Luke Combs

Gibson mens black shirt

“Long-neck, ice-cold beer never broke my heart,” sings hit country music star Luke Combs. His hits have topped the charts from, “When It Rains, It Pours” and the song that can put a tear in anyone’s eye and makes girls swoon all around the USA, “Beautiful Crazy.” Combs is a legend in country music. Showing no sign of slowing down, Combs has teased fans with a possible tour.

The Laid-Back Look of Luke Combs

Ice cold beer never broke your heart and a wardrobe inspired by Luke Combs doesn’t break your wallet either. Known for a very laid-back look, Combs’ style ranges from comfortable shirts, khaki shorts and crocs. Yes! You read that right. See the complete guide on how to dress like Luke Combs with the help from the professionals at our online western wear store.

Men’s Solid Short Sleeve Shirts

Ah yes, the essential part to looking like Luke Combs is his signature laid back short sleeve shirts. Affordable, comfortable and easy to style, you don’t have to break the budget to dress like Luke Combs. Gibson Men’s Black Lava Short Sleeve Snap Shirt is almost exactly what Combs wears on a daily basis, even when he sings on stage. When he isn’t singing on stage and is travelling with his fiancé, Combs completes the laid back look by just rocking a plain graphic shirt like as Sheplers’ Cinch Men’s Rodeo Brand Circle Logo Graphic T-Shirt.

Gibson Men’s Black Lava Short Sleeve Snap Shirt

Cinch Men’s Rodeo Brand Circle Logo Graphic T-Shirt

Baseball Caps

While most country music stars sport a cowboy hat, to dress like Luke Combs all you need is a simple baseball cap. Luke Combs has been seen in many different styles, however, it seems the country music star like to stick to a black baseball hat with a simple decal on the front. To switch things up in his wardrobe and to get a more rugged look, Combs swaps out the plain black baseball hats for camo. Trying to find a similar cap? Try Cinch Men’s Camo Patch Trucker Cap.

Cinch Men’s Camo Patch Trucker Cap

Blue Jeans & Khaki Shorts

Luke Combs has been seen in a number of khaki shorts and wrangler blue jeans. Though you’re likely bouncing between the two styles to dress like Luke Combs, at least make sure you aren’t in the skinny jeans isle of the men’s department. Combs goes for the more relaxed fit as opposed to fitted jeans you’d likely find on Tim McGraw or Luke Bryan.

Crocs and Cowboy Boots

Luke Combs teamed up with Crocs back in June 2019 for a collaborative pair of the brand’s signature clog style featuring a set of Combs country Jibbitz. Fans were able to purchase his limited-edition Crocs at the CMA Fest 2019, June 6-9 in Nashville. However, though the limited edition Crocs are no longer available, you can still rock some Crocs or opt for a similar pair of boots Combs can be seen wearing on and off the red carpets: the classic cowboy boot. Combs prefers darker colors such as black and a minimal design. Any of the darker Cowboy boots we offer is easy to style and will complete your whole look. So, you don’t have to break the bank when you are trying to style yourself after a country music artist when you choose Luke Combs as a style inspiration.

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