American Cowboy Boots: Three Styles You Need to Know

american cowboy boots

When shopping for a new pair of American cowboy boots, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what kind of pair you want. Besides, who knew there were so many different styles to choose from?

Shep American Cowboy Boot Styles

Before you have a panic attack after scrolling through the boots pages on Sheplers website, take a deep breath because we have just made your life a whole lot easier. Simply check out this guide to American cowboy boots in order to get a handle on the three styles you need to know.

Square Toe Boots. Oftentimes argued to be the original cowboy boot, these are the roomiest boots out of all of them, and by default the most comfortable. Hey, the wider the boots, the more room for dancing all night long!

Round Toe Boots. For guys who are looking for American cowboy boots that will keep them comfortable during all their outdoor work, then look no further. The rounded toe gives your feet more room to breathe.

Pointed Toe Boots. These are the American cowboy boots you want for when you go riding. The narrow tip of the pointed toe allows feet to slide in and out of stirrups easily in case you fall off. They are also great for those simply looking to make a fashion statement.

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