American Denim Guide: Wrangler vs Levi Jeans

Clothing rack of american denim jeans

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between Wrangler jeans and Levi’s jeans? Wonder no more. Our team at Sheplers is here to help you learn the difference between the two brands once and for all with this American denim guide.

The Backstory

If you haven’t heard of Levi’s, do you even know what jeans are? One of the most famous brands of clothing, Levi’s jeans were created in the late 1800s and featured one back pocket, a watch pocket, sizing cinch and buttons for suspenders. And of course, they had the strengthening rivets that they patented. Created for utility and comfort, the 501 Fit jeans have been around for more than 100 years without much change.

Wrangler jeans were created for cowboys and cowgirls, hence the name cowboy cut. The company changed from overalls to blue jeans with the help of celebrity tailor Rodeo Ben. Once professional cowboys endorsed the jeans, the company took off as the best option for people who ride. The 13MWZ Original Fit jeans have not changed much since their design over time, keeping their classic look and feel.

The Fit

Levi’s 501 original fit

Levi’s jeans are a straight fit with plenty of room, making it practical for anyone. The jeans never change its classic medium rise and sit perfectly on the waste. Other sizes include the 517 Boot Cut Stretch, the 505 Regular Fit, the 527 Low Rise Boot Cut, the 550 Relaxed Fit and many more.

Wranglers 13MWZ original fit

Wrangler jeans were designed for people who love to ride. The jeans are worn high on the hips. The cowboy cut fits over riding boots, the pants are loose and comfortable while also form fitting. Other sizes include the 936 Slim Fit Rigid, Solid Regular Fit Stretch, 947 Regular Fit Stretch, 938 Slim Fit Stretch and much more.

The Look and the Price

While Wrangler jeans are priced around the average of $25 and Levi’s are priced around $50, the jeans are comparable in quality. Both brands have changed colors and patterns over the years, but the classic look and feel has stayed the same over time.



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