Are Square Toe Cowboy Boots Your Perfect Fit?

Although most modern fashion steers towards the style of a thin-toed cowboy boot, there are a few different styles of cowboy boots that may fit you differently, and may feel better on your feet. Many cowboys and cowgirls focus on the material of their boot, and oftentimes forget how important the shape of the shoe it. If you are looking for a new style of cowboy boots to switch things up in your wardrobe, you may want to try on a pair of square toe cowboy boots.

Considering the contemporary way, toe styles on cowboy boots are less about functionality and more about style. Some may prefer pointed or snip toed boots; however, if you have never considered square toe cowboy boots, Sheplers suggests slipping into a pair. Amongst the many different styles, you never know what fits your foot and your personality the best if you do not try them on!

Square toe cowboy boots give a more casual look than the other toe styles of boots. Perfect for a day out on the farm or to go have a couple of beers at the bar down the street. If worn with darker colors, this style of cowboy boot can give off a more formal look to dress up your outfit.

Square toe cowboy boots came to existence during the Civil War from shoemakers producing shoes for the cavalry. Because the narrow, point toe was more difficult to form by hand, shoemakers began making square toe cowboy boots. These boots continued to fit into stirrups, and further down the road it was noticed that they provided better support and stability than the narrow toed boots.

At Sheplers, you can shop for cowboy boots by toe. We have over 750 styles of square toe cowboy boots in our catalog, as well as four other toe shapes from you to choose from. Check them out today!


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