Are You Tired of Being Disappointed by Overpriced Cowboy Boots?

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Cowboy boots, perfect and stylish – but often priced way to high. Sometimes you’ll see a pair of beautiful cowboy boots, soon to be disappointment because you realize they’re so expensive. Are you tired of being disappointed of overpriced cowboy boots time and time again? Well, here at Sheplers Western Wear, we understand the struggle and want you to finally be able to find a pair of cowboy boots you can afford.

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Why Are Cowboy Boots So Expensive?

The leather and detail. Depending on the style and type of leather, cowboy boots can go for $300, or more! The best cowboy boots take time and concentration to make. Shoemakers focus on making sure the product doesn’t get damaged during the process of making cowboy boots. They also typically use real leather, which comes at a higher price than most boots, compared to products with faux leather. Alligator skin or snake skin cowboy boots are usually of a higher price.


Clearance Cowboy Boots

Here at Sheplers, we offer discount cowboy boots. We have the best cowboy boots online, and you don’t even have to leave the house or spend an endless number of hours shopping for a pair of cowboy boots you can afford. Check out our online store today and take a look at our clearance section.



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