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Move over tradition. Only about a third of weddings take place in a religious institution anymore.1 Barns are the new popular place for a wedding ceremony, and couples are adding their own personal touches to their weddings, including with their wardrobes. Long gone are the days when tuxedos and black suits were the norm. For couples that want to add a little western flare to their weddings, country groomsmen attire is completely acceptable.

Circle S Lubbock Suit Coat

Circle S Lubbock Suit Coat

Country Style Groomsmen Ideas

Country wedding groomsmen should look the part. If your wedding is filled with country décor and a western style atmosphere, then James Bond black tuxes may not be a good fit. Of course, as the bride you will steal the show in your stunning white dress, but you still want the wedding party to look good. Our online western wear store has some perfect country groomsmen attire to add to the country feel of your special day.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, start by doing some browsing. Circle S dress clothing includes a wide range of great suit coats and sport jacket options. Some are more traditional while others have a bit more of a country flare. You will be able to get a better idea about how you want your country wedding groomsmen to look.

Your man and his friends may live their lives always in blue jeans. The idea of having to wear slacks may be less than thrilling for them, but Wrangler Wrancher dress jeans and Riata Slacks are a great way to change their mind.

Cowboy boots are a must that also allow for some cute wedding photo ideas. At Sheplers Western Wear, we have an expansive selection of cowboy boots for men including formal styles to match your day. You can narrow your search by brand, style, toe shape, and skin to find exactly what you are looking for.

If you want your groomsmen to scream country, then a sleek cowboy hat will top off their attire perfectly. You will be able to find all different styles and color options. You can even choose a different style or color for your groom so that he stands out.

Finally, a cute way to add that subtle trace of country style is with a bolo tie  or country wild rag. This small detail can add that country feel to your wedding without overdoing it. The groomsmen will also be relieved to know that they do not need to wear a traditional necktie or bowtie all day.

At Sheplers Western Wear, we have everything you need for country groomsmen attire to add that subtle country touch to your special day.

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