Best John Wayne Movies of All Time

John Wayne, known for his iconic western films, was one of the 20th century’s biggest Hollywood stars. While his portfolio contains movies of many different genres such as romance, drama, and war, his western inspired films will go down in history as some of the best country themed movies that all cowboys enjoy. Sheplers Western Wear breaks down the top John Wayne movies from all time.





This 1939 famous western film was shot in Utah’s Monument Valley and tells an iconic story that will always hold a special place in western cinema. This was the breakthrough role that eventually made the Duke a star actor. There are major themes of revenge, greed, and redemption throughout this film that helped define the ultimate western genre.


Fort Apache


The first of John Ford’s cavalry trilogy, Fort Apache, includes many famous names such as Henry Fonda, John Wayne, and Shirley Temple. John Wayne plays Captain Kirby York who is well respected in an isolated U.S. cavalry post. Power, honor, and glory are common threads throughout this movie. This film offers simplicity and straightforwardness in the ultimate western setting.


The Searchers


This film is recognized today as the greatest western ever made by the American Film Institute despite not receiving a single Oscar nomination. The Searchers shows John Wayne at his absolute best in a role as a Civil War veteran with much heart and passion. This movie has been since referenced in many other films when it gained notoriety as a Western classic.





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