Best Luggage for Spring Trips

You’ve checked off everything on your packing to-do list, dropped the dog off at the dog sitter, and have consistently checked the weather at your final destination about fifty times by now. Under the false pretenses that everything is good to go, for you to enjoy a long-awaited get-away for the weekend, you snap back to reality once you actually start packing your luggage.

You smack your forehead as you realize that the thought of getting out of town for the weekend must have distracted you from the obvious: you forgot to buy luggage.

But have no fear, Sheplers has come to your rescue. Since the winter months have finally subsided in strength, or at least long enough to halt the continual grounding of flights due to cold temperatures, the spring vacations can finally commence.

Shep Luggage

Whether you find yourself heading out of town for a mini family vacation or attending a spring wedding, these pieces of luggage will, without a doubt, make your traveling days go that much smoother.

  1. Bandana Tablet Computer Case
  2. Tan Handstained Calfskin Overnight Work Bag
  3. Brown Leather Work Bag
  4. Tan Leather Duffel Bag

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