Best Winter Apparel to Keep You Warm

Carhartt’s Winter Weather Gloves

If you have a winter family vacation coming up or you live in the north, you will need to bundle up and stay warm once the temperatures start to severely drop. Winter is filled with beautiful white snow to go perfectly with the holiday season, however you should avoid feeling miserable by not purchasing the appropriate winter apparel. You will need to stock up on the right coats, boots, and winter outerwear to stay warm and luckily Sheplers has got you covered with it all!

Women’s Winter Jackets

If you are looking for a thick jacket to wear during outdoor adventures, you may need to invest in a parka. These long and insulated jackets will be sure to keep you warm as well as stylish no matter what you pair it with. This Mountain Hardwear Women’s Black Potrero Parka will allow you to stay active during the winter while still feeling cute and stylish.

Carhartt’s Winter Weather Gloves

Winter Hats and Gloves

Sometimes we forget to purchase winter accessories because we are so focused on the coats and sweaters. At Sheplers we can guarantee that your hands, neck, and ears will be freezing if you don’t properly cover them. Keep your hands warm and protected with these Carhartt’s Cold Weather Gloves. They provide a comfortable fit and are great for the winter months. Cover your ears with this stylish Carhartt Women’s Lookout Pom Pom hat.

Carhartt Women’s Lookout Pom Pom Winter Weather Hat

Winter Boots

Now that you have tackled the winter coats and accessories, it’s time to purchase your winter boots. If you will be doing activities in the snow you need to properly keep your feet protected and warm. Winter insulated boots are the perfect solution for all winter-related activities and you can purchase your next pair at Sheplers!

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