Brand Spotlight: Ariat

When it comes to finding reliable riding gear that has just the right combination of durability and style, Ariat boots, time and time again, emerges as a favorite amongst the world’s leading equestrian riders.

Before the masterminds behind the Ariat brand decided to modernize the equestrian boot, they consulted with a vast number of top riders. The general consensus among the riders was that most of the boots available for riding were entirely too bulky and rigid.

As a result, Ariat started by “re-designing the boot outsole, rethinking the arch support system, and finally overhauling the thought process behind the shape and fit of the traditional riding boots of the past.” It’s no surprise that the carefully crafted brand remains the go-to boot, consistently, for equestrians worldwide.

Regardless of whether or not you are a lover of show-jumping or an avid team-penning, Ariat’s versatile selection has something for every discipline of riding. But proceed with caution, once you get one pair you will find yourself inventing reasons as to why you should get more.

Shep Ariat Spotlight


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