Brand Spotlight: Miss Me Jeans

The new century kicked off a time of innovation – the growth of the internet, the development of technology, and the establishment of the much loved ‘Miss Me’ Jeans in 2001.

Miss Me is a women’s fashion brand that is best known for their unique embellishments that give their jeans the extra sparkle that every girl looks for. As a closest essential, Miss Me Jeans are designed for a fashionista that values comfort and style.

With a wide selection of washes, trims, and fits, every girl can find the perfect Miss Me Jeans for them. Each pair of Miss Me Jeans has bold designs and detail such as rhinestones, colored and/or thick stitching, and appliques that provide an attractive design that make a statement. Miss Me Jeans are made of the highest quality materials, making them perfect for going out or as casual wear.

Why try to blend in when you were born to stand out? Miss Me Jeans can help leave an impression with their unique, embellished jeans.

Don’t forget while Miss Me Jeans are best sellers at Sheplers, they also have a line of tops, tees, dresses, and sweaters, all available online.

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