Summer Western Wear for Kids

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kid wearing a cowboy hat eating ice cream

At Sheplers we take kids’ western wear essentials for summer very seriously. What use is a cowboy without his trusted smaller companions to help them out on long ranch days or cheer on the talented competitors at some of the best rodeos in the USA? Our online western wear store is here to ensure you have all the summer western wear for kids so your young cowboys and cowgirls can look great all rodeo season long. 

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Best Kids’ Western Wear for 2020

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two little boys dressed in western wear. one is wearing plaid shirt. the other boy is wearing denim jacket. both kids are laying on a towel on the grass

Now that we have officially giddied up into the 2020 year, it’s time to dress your kids in the latest fashion. Sheplers, our western wear clothing store, is home to the best kids western wear for 2020; there is no need to pay full price for kids’ western clothing! Here at Sheplers, we offer discount western wear for kids in the latest styles and all the sizes. Continue reading “Best Kids’ Western Wear for 2020”

Fashion Inspired By Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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leonardo dicaprio and brad pitt leaning against a wall on set of once upon a time in hollywood
Photo courtesy of IMDb

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the ninth film from Quentin Tarantino. The film set in the late 60s and early 70s serves as an homage to Western cinema mixed with New Hollywood. You will experience the trials and tribulations of the movie industry and trying to make a name for yourself in Hollywood. One of the key aspects of the film is the cowboy fashion and western wear. Sheplers’ western wear stylists are here to share some of the fashion from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood so you can dress like the stars. Continue reading “Fashion Inspired By Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Western Wear for Infants


With a baby on the way, it’s time to celebrate! Baby showers are the perfect way to show some love to the mom-to-be, and there are tons of adorable baby shower gifts for family and friends to show up with. A western inspired baby shower celebrates the newest cowboy or cowgirl on the way and you want to come prepared with unique gifts. Sheplers shares with you the cutest western wear for infants that make the best country themed gifts for the baby on the way.

Infant Boots

A cowboy or cowgirl in the making needs their first pair of cowboy boots and Sheplers has the cutest infant boots that all babies can rock. This unique gift idea such as this pair of Old West Girls’ Infant White Poppets is the perfect western style addition to a baby’s new wardrobe. A new mom will always remember her baby’s first pair of cowboy boots.

Cowboy Printed Onesies

The newest cowboy will look adorable in this Cody James Infant Boys’ Paisley Print Onesie from Sheplers. Western details on a onesie will automatically make any baby stylish and fashion forward. A Paisley print is the ultimate cowboy inspired touch to a baby’s outfit.

Bandana Printed Clothes

Nothing says country western like bandana print! This cute and pretty in pink Girls’ Bandana Print Infant Dress is the perfect cowgirl baby shower gift that everyone will love and be talking about. This stylish baby gift option will be sure to turn heads.

For more western inspired baby shower gifts, visit Sheplers western Wear today!

Stay Warm this Winter with Sheplers

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It is almost that time of year again when the temperatures drop, the wind starts to blow, and the snow starts to fall! Regardless of where you live in the U.S., when it gets cold, it is necessary to bundle up! Get ahead of the weather, dust off all of your old coats, or take a look at some new ones. Sheplers has all kinds of leather and outerwear for men, women, and children to stay warm this winter.


For Women – Sheplers has several jackets for you to stay warm this winter. If it is not excruciatingly cold,check out the women’s fringe jackets to add some flare to your winter outfits. If it is cruel and freezing outside, a Carhartt jacket is sure to help you stay warm this winter!



For Kids – It is very important to keep children warm when it gets cold outside. We have an extensive selection of coats and jackets for boys, as well as winter coats for girls. It is crucial for children’s feet to keep warm, so getting a new pair of warm, kids cowboy boots can benefit them extensively.



For Men – Aside from the duster coats at Sheplers, we also have a ton of hunting gear to help the men stay warm this winter. From our men’s camo jackets to our hats and pants, there is no doubt that your body will stay toasty when it gets chilly.


Do not miss out on the amazing sales this season. Make sure to stay warm this winter with Sheplers!

4 Facts About Cowboys and Cowboy Style

The cowboy traditions date back much farther than just the cowboy style; though the clothing is very recognizable. There is a story behind everything that cowboys wear and a reason for it all. Sheplers knows cowboy style and has everything cowboys need to look their best and show their roots, as well as these interesting facts about cowboys and their style.


A cowboy is a cattle rustler, a cattle driver, and a rugged outdoors man. The traditional cowboy actually dates back to the Mexican vaquero, which is where the term “buckaroo” came from. Seems those early cowboys couldn’t quite get the pronunciation down pat. The Mexican cowboy hats were incorporated in the western cowboy style as well.

Cattle Drives

During cattle drives, a handful of cowboys (5-10) would move around 3,000 cattle for miles and miles; this practice has its origins in the meat industry. Cattle drives move slow because the cowboys didn’t want the cattle to be too thin when they arrived, which is why regular stops for grazing and rest are factored into the cattle drive.


Cowboys had to earn their cowboy boot spurs through either a long cattle drive or a rodeo. Though spurs were always used, it was said that a cowboy earned his spurs by proving that he could do his job very well.

Cowboy Style

Back in the good ‘ole days, cowboys would wear the same clothes for weeks on end. In fact, that was what made denim so popular. Denim a resilient material and it doesn’t need much upkeep. The cowboy tradition of denim is one that has not ever faded out (pun intended) and is still seen on major fashion runways year after year.

Cowgirl Fashion Tips for Fall

Giddy up; the fall season is just around the corner and that means it is time to get into the cowgirl fall fashion look. Sheplers not only has all the clothes, cowgirl boots, and western accessories to keep you on trend, but we also have endless fashion tips for fall to keep your look fresh and trendy.

The Dress Shirt Look

Is it a long shirt or a short dress? Whatever it is, it is the look that southern stylists are talking about for fall. Cowgirls should keep long dress shirts loose and wear it with cut-off jeans or a pair of black leggings.


Dark colors are in this fall and in a big way. Look for dark denim tops and trendy black shirts this fall. Cowgirl fall fashion is all about dark browns and vibrant reds. Match with a black cowgirl hat on top and look stunning.


Bohemian style accessories with the cowgirl look is a great way to spice up your wardrobe this fall. However, cowgirls keep it minimal. Stay away from a lot of bangles and loose jewelry. Sheplers’ cowgirl fashion tip for fall accessories: keep it simple!

Cowgirl Boots

Vibrant cowgirl boots on a darker outfit are perfect fall fashion. Or, wear a long shirt dress with classic brown or black cowgirl boots for a comfortable, fall cowgirl look. Medium toe boots are really in and part of the simple fall fashion.

Unexpected Ways to Rock a Denim Shirt

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Let’s face it, we all love a good denim shirt. However, the ways you wear it can quickly become tired out; after all, how many times can you wear the same denim shirt?

Luckily, Sheplers knows that not only can you rock the same classic denim shirt over and over again, but there are many unexpected ways to rock your favorite denim shirt.

Shep Denim Shirt

Denim on denim.

According to Sheplers, you can never have enough denim on! The denim on denim trend has evolved into a classic outfit that does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Simply pair a light denim shirt with darker wash jeans, super skinny jeans, or denim colored cowboy boots from Sheplers.

Denim with leggings.

If you think that you cannot pull of the legging trend, then you thought wrong! While leggings may not be the first thing that comes to mind when finding something to pair with your denim shirt, you will be delightfully surprised and wondering why you did not come up with this outfit sooner. Here at Sheplers, you have tons of country chic leggings to choose from.

How to Dress like a Cowgirl on St. Patrick’s Day

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Just because St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and you are expected to rock green attire does not mean that you have to give up your signature cowgirl style. In fact, there are so many St. Patrick’s Day –approved cowboy hats and cowboy boots from Sheplers that you will be finding yourself planning trips to all of these St. Patrick’s Day festivities in the South.

Corral Cortez Fleur-De-Lis Turquoise Cowgirl Boots

Shep SPD 1


Blazin Roxx Beaded Woven Cowgirl Hat

Shep SPD 2


Justin Leather Laced Turquoise-Hue Torino Cowgirl Boots

Shep SPD 3


Blazin Roxx Bedecked Fleur-De-Lis Plaid Mesh Back Cap

Shep SPD 4

Corral Distressed Turquoise & Chocolate Overlay Cowgirl Boots

Shep SPD 5


Peter Grimm Argent Olive Aztec Cowgirl Hat

Shep SPD 6

How to Keep Your Entire Family Warm This Winter

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There’s no way around it – winter is finally here.

Wondering how to keep your entire family warm this winter? Well, instead of running back inside to hibernate all winter long, Sheplers has an even better idea. Simply check out these warm weather pieces that will ensure that no one in your family is left to stay buried under the covers all winter long.

Mountain Hardwear Women’s Nitrous Hooded Down Parka

This hooded down parka from Sheplers will keep you warm not only throughout the rest of this holiday season, but for many winter seasons to come.

Shep Family Warm 1

Black Swan Women’s Frost Faux Fur Vest

For the girl in your family who wants to stay warm without sacrificing her sense of style, this faux fur vest from Sheplers does just the trick.

Shep Family Warm 2

Dickies Sanded Duck Detachable Hooded Jacket

Wear it with a hood or wear it without – this detachable hooded jacket from Sheplers will keep the guys in your family warm and toasty all winter long.

Shep Family Warm 3

Swift Creek Girls Chocolate and Raspberry Cowgirl Boots

Your little girl will be begging to go and showoff these cowgirl boots from Sheplers. It will be the easiest way you ever got her to go outside during the wintertime!

Shep Family Warm 4

Boys Brown Rancher Jacket

For the little guy in your life, this brown rancher jacket from Sheplers will make sure that he does not have to stay inside until the snow starts to melt.

Shep Family Warm 5