Favorite Back-to-School Styles from Sheplers

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Old West Girls' Red Leather Cowgirl Boots

With more back to school deals than you can imagine, Sheplers has the best western style clothes and other western wear accessories for all the first days of school! The fashion stylists at one of the best western stores online share some of their favorite back to school styles that are sure to spark some conversation between classmates.


For less than $50, you can find a plethora of boots for kids of all ages. Sheplers offers infant cowboy boots, toddler cowboy boots, and of course, youth cowboy boots for boys and girls. Your kids can go back to school in their new western wear for a hard bargain! Believe it or not, there are over 500 different styles of cowboy boots that are currently discounted for our Sheplers back to school sale.


Old West Girls’ Red Leather Cowgirl Boots – With a smooth red leather foot under a matching, fancy stitching, these classic Old West cowboy boots for your little cowgirl will be showstopping, to say the least.


Smokey Mountain Boys’ Preston Western Boots – These snip toe cowboy boots for young boys are playground-ready! Keep your aspiring-cowboy son stylin’ on the first day of school with these sleek black kicks.


Roper Toddler Boys’ American Patriot Boots – Show the school who’s leader of the Pledge of Allegiance! These American Patriot Boots from Sheplers are the perfect piece of western wear to show off the true American spirit on the first day of school. Line leader? No problem. Your kid will do it with good ol’ American fashion.


Sheplers, one of the best western stores online, offers endless deals on back to school styles that will impress teachers and students alike. Check out our site for more western wear and cowboy boots today!

The Best Kids’ Boots for Your Little Cowboys and Cowgirls

There’s nothing like owning your first pair of cowboy boots and wearing them anywhere, and everywhere. At Sheplers, your one stop shop for all things western wear, we’re stocked up with hundreds of different styles of kids’ boots for you and you child to choose from. Finding the right boot for your child is easy when shopping at Sheplers. Below are some of our best-selling kids boots for little cowboys and cowgirls!

Roper Boys’ Baseball Cowboy Boots in Square Toe – For the little baseball-loving cowboy, these Roper Baseball Cowboy Boots are perfect for the little slugger who loves to show his sporty side.

Old West Boys’ Distressed Cowboy Boots in Round Toe – This classic pair of kids’ boots is one of our best-selling boots for little cowboys because every little country boy needs a good pair of versatile boots. We recommend ordering a half size larger in these boots, because they fit a bit snug.

Roper Boys’ Light Up Spider Web Cowboy Boots in Round Toe – Being an instant kid favorite, these Roper cowboy boots have spider web embroidery and light up spiders. Your little cowboy will love to jump around while watching his spider inlays flash light and bright!

Tin Haul Girls’ Brown Starlight Western Boots in Square Toe – This fan favorite pair of cowgirl boots will sparkle as bright as your little cowgirl does. With pink star embroidery on the feet, and purple and pink stitching on the shaft, your little girl will feel like a princess. Not to mention, there’s a unicorn design on the inlay vamp! She’ll never want to take these cute boots off her feet.

Roper Girl’s Blue Floral Glitter Cowgirl Boots – If your little cowgirl is a fan of the movie Frozen, she’ll feel like a real Elsa in these gleaming blue cowgirl boots. This spunky design has glittery flowers beneath a metallic blue shaft, giving her the look of a frozen princess. Your little cowgirl will never want to Let It Go!

How to Choose the Perfect Cowboy Boots

When it comes to finding a new pair of authentic cowboy boots there are a lot of components you should consider before making your final purchase. After all, genuine cowboy boots are an investment that will last you a long time. While a new pair can be a bit pricey, your cowboy boots are a true testament to your western roots and Sheplers can guarantee that you will absolutely love this purchase. Follow this guide for how to choose the perfect pair of cowboy boots.

men's plain brown cowboy boots

Cowboy Boots Style

The first thing you should consider before buying your next pair of cowboy boots is the overall style you’re going for. Everyone is different, and their style preferences vary, and cowboy boots can come in a wide variety of styles. For example, are you looking for a dressier style or more casual? A vintage pair of cowboy boots are perfect for the more traditional cowboy, and there are more comfortable styles for those who are looking to protect their feet and provide support.

Cowboy Boots Material

Now that you have a firm grasp on the style preference of cowboy boots, you should think about the kind of material you want. Genuine cowboy boots come in many different materials and you may have a preference to the type of leather that the boots are made of. For example, authentic cowboy boots can be handcrafted from ostrich leather, alligator skin, or even hippo leather. This can also be a style preference and it’s important to understand that all genuine leather cowboy boots will be more pricey than other styles such as suede cowboy boots.

Cowboy Boots Toe Shape

The toe-shape of cowboy boots should also be a contributing factor before you make your purchase. You can find cowboy boots with a round toe shape, a square toe, a snip toe, and a pointy toe shape. The shape of your cowboy boots will be unique to your style. With Sheplers, you can find the perfect pair that you will love.

Once you have gone through this guide and you know exactly what you are looking for, visit Sheplers Western Wear for the perfect pair of cowboy boots that match your style.


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How to Throw a Cowboy Themed Kids Party

If your child’s birthday is coming up and you know that he or she appreciates and loves the outdoors, what better way to celebrate than with a cowboy and wild west themed birthday party with friends and family. Your little cowboy or cowgirl will have a blast hanging out at a ranch and participating in cowboy themed games and activities. Sheplers is here to share with you exactly how to throw an epic cowboy themed kids birthday party that will be sure to impress all who attend.



Planning any themed kids’ birthday party comes with a lot of preparation and that starts with decoration ideas. You will need to get your hands-on table cloths and place settings and there are many fun and cute western ideas that will have your party stand out. You can incorporate bandanas on the tables to wrap the silver ware in and you can also add mason jars filled with flowers as the center pieces of each table. Depending on where your party is located, you can add barrels of hay to get that barn-like and ranch feel. Sheplers suggests adding Wanted posters around the party with pictures of the kids in attendance. You can also find inexpensive cowboy hats to give out as party favors when the children arrive.


Games and Activities

What’s a kids’ birthday party without some fun and games? There are so many western inspired games that all kids will love, and you can incorporate as many as you like depending on your budget. Lasso tosses, rodeo rides, and horseback riding are classic cowboy activities and you can utilize all of these at your party on a less intense level for kids. You can also set up an area for the classic game of pin the tail on the donkey, which kids will have a blast participating in.


Sheplers suggests looking for a party venue that gives off a rustic vibe such as an old ranch or somewhere outdoors with a lot of space. We also have a variety of western wall decorations that you can put up around the party. We hope these suggestions will help you plan your next cowboy themed kids’ birthday party!




The Best Western Gifts for Your Kids

The best time of the year is finally here, it’s holiday season! This means that it’s time to start searching for the best gifts for your friends and family members. When it comes to kids, it may be harder to please them, however at Sheplers, we offer creative gift options that all kids will love. We all know that stores can get extra hectic around this time of the year, so to save yourself both time and headaches, head on over to Sheplers for all your holiday shopping needs. We provide you with the best western gifts for kids below.

Kids Toys

It’s no secret that kids go crazy over large and fun toys and Sheplers recommends purchasing this awesome John Deere Battery Operated Gator for your kids to have the ultimate western adventure in. Kids will love taking a joyride in style around your driveway with this great western gift. All the bells and whistles are included in this Gator as well as power and style for your kids this holiday season. Sheplers offers many different unique western toys for all kids.

John Deere Battery Operated Gator- Best Western Gifts for Kids

Western Wear for Kids

The holidays are the perfect time to spoil kids with their first pair of authentic cowboy boots. A cowboy/cowgirl in training will always remember their first pair of boots and Sheplers offers a variety of different styles and selections.

Of course, you will need the perfect western outfit to go with the cowboy boots you just purchased and why not splurge on your kids this holiday season. This adorable Silver Girls’ Coral Denim Top Dress is the ultimate western outfit to go with an awesome pair of cowboy boots.

We hope these western gifts for kids will allow you to make your holiday shopping easier and more convenient by heading over to Sheplers!

Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Western Wear for Infants


With a baby on the way, it’s time to celebrate! Baby showers are the perfect way to show some love to the mom-to-be, and there are tons of adorable baby shower gifts for family and friends to show up with. A western inspired baby shower celebrates the newest cowboy or cowgirl on the way and you want to come prepared with unique gifts. Sheplers shares with you the cutest western wear for infants that make the best country themed gifts for the baby on the way.

Infant Boots

A cowboy or cowgirl in the making needs their first pair of cowboy boots and Sheplers has the cutest infant boots that all babies can rock. This unique gift idea such as this pair of Old West Girls’ Infant White Poppets is the perfect western style addition to a baby’s new wardrobe. A new mom will always remember her baby’s first pair of cowboy boots.

Cowboy Printed Onesies

The newest cowboy will look adorable in this Cody James Infant Boys’ Paisley Print Onesie from Sheplers. Western details on a onesie will automatically make any baby stylish and fashion forward. A Paisley print is the ultimate cowboy inspired touch to a baby’s outfit.

Bandana Printed Clothes

Nothing says country western like bandana print! This cute and pretty in pink Girls’ Bandana Print Infant Dress is the perfect cowgirl baby shower gift that everyone will love and be talking about. This stylish baby gift option will be sure to turn heads.

For more western inspired baby shower gifts, visit Sheplers western Wear today!

Stay Warm this Winter with Sheplers

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It is almost that time of year again when the temperatures drop, the wind starts to blow, and the snow starts to fall! Regardless of where you live in the U.S., when it gets cold, it is necessary to bundle up! Get ahead of the weather, dust off all of your old coats, or take a look at some new ones. Sheplers has all kinds of leather and outerwear for men, women, and children to stay warm this winter.


For Women – Sheplers has several jackets for you to stay warm this winter. If it is not excruciatingly cold,check out the women’s fringe jackets to add some flare to your winter outfits. If it is cruel and freezing outside, a Carhartt jacket is sure to help you stay warm this winter!



For Kids – It is very important to keep children warm when it gets cold outside. We have an extensive selection of coats and jackets for boys, as well as winter coats for girls. It is crucial for children’s feet to keep warm, so getting a new pair of warm, kids cowboy boots can benefit them extensively.



For Men – Aside from the duster coats at Sheplers, we also have a ton of hunting gear to help the men stay warm this winter. From our men’s camo jackets to our hats and pants, there is no doubt that your body will stay toasty when it gets chilly.


Do not miss out on the amazing sales this season. Make sure to stay warm this winter with Sheplers!

DIY Toy Story Woody Costume for Boys

Halloween is just around the corner! Do your kids have their costumes ready? It is okay if you have walked up and down the aisle looking at Halloween costumes for boys feeling stumped. You can always make one yourself! Sheplers suggests getting crafty with your child this Halloween by making a DIY Woody costume. The Disney movie Toy Story is a timeless classic, so this costume can work for boys of all ages.

To begin making your DIY Woody costume, it is helpful to look at a bunch of different pictures of Woody. Sheplers suggests looking at photos of him in the movie or of other people who have recreated his look and made their own costumes.

Above all else, you will need a pair of cowboy boots. Sheplers has plenty of cowboy boots for kids to choose from. When buying a pair of boots for your child’s DIY Woody costume, make sure to pick tan colored boots to match the character’s outfit.

Next, you have to have a pair of cowboy jeans! Sheplers catalog for jeans can help to perfect your DIY Woody costume. Any pair of blue jeans will work. In the Toy Story movies, Woody wears a lighter pair of blue jeans.

Woody wears a vest made of cowhide. For your DIY Woody costume, there is no need to go and purchase a cowhide vest, unless you can find one matching a store-bought Woody costume, for a good price. Sheplers suggests going to your local craft store and purchasing a few feet of cow-printed fabric. Print out a Woody vest template, mix some elbow grease with a little bit of sewing, and you’ve got yourself a faux cowhide Woody vest!

Any yellow, button-down, long-sleeved shirt should do; however, Sheplers has the perfect yellow and white plaid shirt to match Woody’s, which he wears underneath his cowhide vest!

Tuck your child’s shirt in and put on a nice brown belt to match the boots. Most importantly, in order to complete your DIY Woody costume, make sure to write “ANDY” in the handwriting of Woody’s owner, Andy.

Sheplers’ Pick for Best Riding Boots

It is important to dress for comfort and functionality when horseback riding, whether it is everyday riding or barrel racing. Sheplers knows horseback riding and equestrian clothing, so we have compiled a list of the best riding boots for you to invest in before your next ride.

Ariat Riding Boots – These boots make the top of our list with the best riding boots because they are designed for professional equestrians and top amateurs from French calf leather. Ariat produces their boots with flexibility in mind for optimum comfort. Ariat riding boots are versatile for sport, field, and dress occasions.

Ovation – Ovation boots provide comfort and function while in the saddle. Consumers go crazy for these boots for the same reason that we do. Making the list of the best riding boots, Ovation is not the fanciest boot seller, but they offer a comfortable ride and serve great purpose, with a reasonable price tag attached. There are many different options shown in the Sheplers catalog for equestrian boots.

Dublin – These riding boots were created by riders for riders. Whether is in on a horse or in the stable, these boots make our best riding boots list due to the little features that make a biggest difference. With great style and even better functionality, Dublin boots provide all-day comfort.

Saxon – These boots are perfect for the beginner rider. Saxon boots make the list of best riding boots because of the durability and the way they offer ease and convenience for riders. With both style and protection, Saxon is a good first choice, especially for children and women.

Riding boots are meant to prevent pinching on the leg of the rider and the sliding of the foot from of the stirrup. It is important to invest in quality riding boots in order to achieve optimum results. This list from Sheplers should be helpful in the process of your purchase. Happy riding!

Are Square Toe Cowboy Boots Your Perfect Fit?

Although most modern fashion steers towards the style of a thin-toed cowboy boot, there are a few different styles of cowboy boots that may fit you differently, and may feel better on your feet. Many cowboys and cowgirls focus on the material of their boot, and oftentimes forget how important the shape of the shoe it. If you are looking for a new style of cowboy boots to switch things up in your wardrobe, you may want to try on a pair of square toe cowboy boots.

Considering the contemporary way, toe styles on cowboy boots are less about functionality and more about style. Some may prefer pointed or snip toed boots; however, if you have never considered square toe cowboy boots, Sheplers suggests slipping into a pair. Amongst the many different styles, you never know what fits your foot and your personality the best if you do not try them on!

Square toe cowboy boots give a more casual look than the other toe styles of boots. Perfect for a day out on the farm or to go have a couple of beers at the bar down the street. If worn with darker colors, this style of cowboy boot can give off a more formal look to dress up your outfit.

Square toe cowboy boots came to existence during the Civil War from shoemakers producing shoes for the cavalry. Because the narrow, point toe was more difficult to form by hand, shoemakers began making square toe cowboy boots. These boots continued to fit into stirrups, and further down the road it was noticed that they provided better support and stability than the narrow toed boots.

At Sheplers, you can shop for cowboy boots by toe. We have over 750 styles of square toe cowboy boots in our catalog, as well as four other toe shapes from you to choose from. Check them out today!