Best Rodeos in the USA

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A man riding a bull at the best rodeo in the USA in a rodeo stadium filled with people watching.

There’s truly nothing better than throwing on a good pair of your favorite cowboy boots from Sheplers and watching a good ol’ fashioned country rodeo. When is rodeo season, anyway? Lucky for you, there are plenty of rodeos throughout the year. Whether you are looking for local rodeos in small towns or some of the biggest rodeos in the US, we have compiled a list of the best rodeos in the USA.

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The History of the Rodeo

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One of the most popular sports in America and a unique tradition in Western culture is the rodeo. Cowboys and cowgirls from all over the country take part in the fun! But have you ever wondered where rodeo came from? At our online western store, our team is actually friends with many people involved in the rodeo scene, so we’re sharing the history of the rodeo with you.

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Rodeo Lineup 2019: Biggest Rodeos This Summer & Rodeo Outfit Ideas

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man riding a bull

For many, summertime means rodeo time. Whether you are seeking out the biggest rodeos in the US this year or you just happen to be in the neighborhood and looking for a good time, check out these upcoming rodeos and get your rodeo tickets. Also, do not worry; we are also answering the inevitable question: “What do I wear?”

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Summer Tailgates with Country Style

Summer is the time to be outside spending time with family and friends, and what better way to do that by summer tailgating? Sheplers, one of the best country stores online, knows everything about throwing a western, country style tailgate – so look no further! Follow these country style tailgate tips and get to planning.


First things first – grab an SUV and convert your SUV into a table. All you have to do is open the trunk, add a table cloth and put a cooler full of drinks, some snacks, and whatever food you have. This is also a great meeting place and everyone will love sitting around the trunk.


Next, you have to pick the perfect menu. Summer tailgating is great for sliders, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, veggies – just about any sort of finger food you can think of. Your food display is just as important as your menu. It’s a good idea to splurge on quality condiments and drinks for your guests. You should always present your food and drinks in unique serving trays and mixers. You can add some fun, festive straws, plates, and napkins to enhance your set up!


Once you have your menu set, you absolutely cannot skimp on presentation. A little decoration goes a long way! Look for some fun placemats and table runners. It’s also important to have another table set up for any extra space you may need.


Lastly, Sheplers recommends setting up tailgate games! Tailgate games keep you and your guests busy throughout the entire tailgate, and they make for even more memories. Cornhole is a great tailgate game because it allows guests to mingle and play the game while also being able to hold onto a cold drink too.


Sheplers, one of the best western stores online, have professionals seasoned in summer tailgating. Take the tips from us and get to partying!

Famous Cowboys from the West – Part Two

The untamed territories noted for their lawlessness were home to plenty of cowboys and bandits. As an addition to last week’s list of some of the famous cowboys from the west, Sheplers is here to further educate you about more outlaws of the past and how their attire created the standard for western wear apparel.

Horse riders

Doc Holliday – Doc’s legend lives on as people continue to debate about all the crimes that Doc Holliday committed. Before becoming a renowned gambler and gunslinger, he had earned a DDS degree in dentistry. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis at the age of 15, so of course, becoming a deadly gunman was his next best profession. No other one of the cowboys from the west has a mustache like Doc Holliday’s.



Cherokee Bill – Not Buffalo Bill – do not get these two famous cowboys mistaken. Cherokee Bill was a 19th century outlaw who was known for having a quick trigger finger. After shooting a man for beating up his brother, this cowboy gained his reputation at 18 years of age. He terrorized Oklahoma his entire living life. In his last known photo, Cherokee Bill is wearing a crushable cowboy hat and a scarf tied in a knot around his neck.


Sam Bass Being one of the famous cowboys from the west whose life inspired Wild West ballads, Sam Bass was an American train robber who started his career after running away from home. Good ol’ Sam was part of the largest robbery of the Union Pacific, thieving $60,000 from the gold train and splitting it with one of his cowboy buddies. He passed away a few days after a gun wound from a Texas ranger at 27 years old. A famous photo of Sam shows him to be in a duster drover coat with his hair slicked to the side.

The History of the Rodeo

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Have you ever wondered where the rodeo came from? Here at Sheplers, we have a lot of friends who are part of the rodeo scene; thus, the history of the rodeo is nothing new to us.

Rodeoing is a competitive sport that involves horses and other livestock, designed to test the skills and speed of cowboys and cowgirls. However, the history of the rodeo is different than what it is today. The rodeo was vital to cattle-ranching in areas where the Spanish culture had a great influence. The term “rodeo” actually comes from the Spanish word “rodear”, which translates to “round up” or “to surround”, which would refer to the act of gathering cattle.

During the 1800s, land in America opened up, and raising cattle was perfect for landowners. Entrepreneurs began to organize events, similar to the rodeos we know today, which allowed for cattlemen to put their skills to work. Over time, these cattlemen and cowboys made their money through competitions that were held in front of a paying audience. The joining and gathering of all of these people turned into what we know as the rodeo today; where spectators pay to see a competition of cowboys and cattle.

The history of the rodeo turned into a competition because as human beings, it is natural to compete, especially if you have mastered a specific skill. The working cowboy is also a reason that rodeos exist. Cowboys needed work, and the expansion of land in the United States was diminishing that. From everything that we know today, the history of the rodeo grew from Spanish roots, and the Prescott Rodeo in Arizona during the 1800s.

Today, both males and females are able to compete in the rodeo. It is tradition in competition for men to wear western shirts, and of course, cowboy boots. As a female spectator, it is normal to wear a cowgirl hat in the stands, as well as comfortable cowgirl boots to kick the dust up and watch your favorite cowboy compete!

Your First Rodeo: What to Wear When It Comes to Western Wear

Is it your first rodeo? Break out your boots and saddle up. Putting together a comfortable outfit is no sweat with the help of Sheplers. We have compiled a western wear guide for you to follow when getting ready for your first rodeo.

Rodeos are timely and often outdoors. The temperature can get hot during the warmer months of the year, so opt for jean shorts instead of jean pants. A pair of boot-cut jeans are a popular choice amongst women who attend rodeos.

Long sleeve tops are essential, you cannot go wrong with an all-time classic. Roll up the sleeves for a more casual look or keep them long for a traditional rodeo look. If it is still too hot to wear a long sleeve, opt for a light-weight, cotton V-neck or a short sleeved button down.

Cowboy Boots
Cowboy boots are an essential part of western wear at your first rodeo. There is no better place to wear the perfect pair of cowboy boots than at a rodeo. Cowboy boots are a great staple to your outfit, as well as practical for treading through the dusty dirt in the arena. You will feel right at home in a pair of cowboy boots from Sheplers.

For the cowboys, that turquoise bolo tie is calling your name. For all of the cowgirls, turquoise accessories like necklaces and rings make for the perfect pop of color in your western wear. If you are adding key pieces to your outfit, make sure to keep the rest of it pretty simple.

Belt Buckle
There will be belt buckles of all shapes and sizes at your first rodeo. A big, silver belt buckle is another great piece for your western wear. Make sure your belt is made from real leather to get the most authentic look.