How To Wear Cowboy Boots in the Fall

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fall cowboy boots

Pumpkin spice, crisp air, and leaves falling can only mean one thing — the fall season is upon us. As we transition from summer to fall fashion, it’s time to bring out your fall cowboy boots. Just because it is getting a little chilly out doesn’t mean you can’t wear cowboy boots in the fall season. Strut the streets in all the latest cowboy boots from your favorite western wear store. Here are a few of the best cowboy boots for the upcoming autumn season. Continue reading “How To Wear Cowboy Boots in the Fall”

My First Cowboy Boots

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My first cowboy boots the best kid's boots

My First Cowboy Boots: The Best Kid’s Boots

While a collection of western wear clothing can be fun for your little cowboy or cowgirl, the best western gifts for your kids just may be their first perfect pair of cowboy boots. You can scour the cowboy boot stores in your area, but chances are you will not be able to find a large selection of kid’s boots. Luckily at Sheplers, we are here to help you find the best kid’s boots.

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Sheplers’s Ultimate Cowboy Boot Care

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ultimate cowboy boot care

Whether it’s a pair of women’s riding boots or some men’s work boots, when you find that perfect pair of cowboy boots you want them to last. While you can simply wear them until they start falling apart, at Sheplers we recommend being proactive and following our ultimate cowboy boot care instructions to ensure that your boots will be around for a long time.

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Long-Term Cowboy Hat Care

Cowboy hats are a great investment, so you want them to last! Sheplers western wear wants to share the best tips for long-term cowboy hat care to ensure that you will have your cowboy hat forever.



Storing your hat in optimal conditions is extremely important for maintaining its size and shape. Your hat should be stored upside down on the top of its crown in order to maintain its shape. Storing your hat on its brim might cause the hat to flatten and lose its shape. Hot temperatures can cause the sweat band in your hat to shrink. When the sweat band begins to shrink, the hat itself will then begin to shrink as well. To avoid shrinking your cowboy hat due to high heat, it’s best if you remember to never leave your hat in the car or trunk during warm weather. If your hat is worn frequently, you can store your hat on a hat rack.



If you plan on using your hat in rainy weather, it is best to avoid a felt cowboy hat. Felt does not fare well when it gets wet. However, if it does get wet, immediately flip the sweatband outward and set the hat upside down to allow it to dry. The best types of cowboy hats that can get wet are straw and wool.



When cleaning your cowboy hat, the professionals at our western stores online emphasize that you must be gentle. You can start cleaning with a clean, damp cloth, brush, or sponge to remove any dirt from the surface. Gently rub in small circles over the entire hat. For some preventative cowboy hat care, you should keep the sweatband of your cowboy hat dry by turning it inside out so that any perspiration or oil from your hair will evaporate rather than soaking into the hat.


You can find your new favorite cowboy hat at Sheplers, your one stop shop for all things in men and women’s western wear.

How to Clean Your Men’s Western Shirts at Home

Whether you’re too busy to make it to the professional cleaners or simply don’t feel like spending the money to send your clothes to the dry cleaner, just like your shirts, Sheplers has your back. Below are a few easy tips and suggestions on how to clean your men’s western shirts right at home.

First, it’s important to remember to only wash your shirts when they’re dirty. Oftentimes, you’ll try on two, three, four or more shirts before finding the perfect one to complete your outfit. Throwing your shirts on the floor after taking them off don’t constitute as dirty. Save yourself the wash to lengthen the lifespan of your men’s western shirts.

  1. Find a good detergent, and use less of it. This may seem obvious, but buying the wrong laundry detergent could ruin your clothes. You’ll need to find something gentle and powerful, and avoid using an entire capful. Unless you’re rolling around in the mud in your nice dress shirts, it’s unnecessary to put your clothes through all the excess washes.
  2. Use a newer washing machine, and choose the right cycle. The delicate cycle on a washing machine uses cold water and light agitation to gently clean away any dirt that may be on your shirts. If you’re unsure of which cycle to use for your men’s western shirts, always double check the label.
  3. Hang dry your shirts. Nothing damages nice, delicate clothing like the dryer does. Hang drying your shirts will make them last longer, as well as help them to maintain their shape. The professionals at Sheplers also suggest using plastic hangers, as opposed to wood hangers, to hang dry your men’s western wear.

Never forget to read the label when it comes to the care of a western garment. Your clothes are guaranteed to last longer when you take care of them.

Choosing the Perfect Cowboy Hat

Choosing a cowboy hat may seem simple at first, but with all the options out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed. You may be wondering how to find one that looks the best on you, or which hat is going to last. Don’t worry – at Sheplers Western Wear we have such a wide variety of men’s cowboy hats that every cowboy can find one that they like. We will even guide you through the process.

Jason Aldean Asphalt Cowboy Palm Leaf Cowboy Hat

Which Cowboy Hat Is Right for Me?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to choosing a cowboy hat, but it’s ultimately about what you want. Before making your purchase, Sheplers suggests that you think about your style, material, and brand preferences.


There are many different styles for cowboy hats, and it all comes down to what look you are going for and what you think looks the best. You can go the traditional route, for example, and rock an Indiana Jones cowboy hat or you can go for a more modern look with a fedora-style hat. All cowboy hats have their unique features and allow a cowboy’s personality to shine through. This Jason Aldean Asphalt Cowboy Palm Leaf Cowboy Hat is the perfect option for anyone looking for the outback and drifter style. You may also want to learn how to pick the right cowboy hat for your face. Different styles can accentuate different parts of your face.


Another factor to consider before choosing a cowboy hat is the material that makes up the hat. For instance, if you are looking for a cowboy hat that you could wear during the winter months, a felt or wool option might be best for you. Straw cowboy hats are perfect for the spring and summer months, and they are great for barbeques and concerts.


There are so many different brands of men’s cowboy hats out there. As you wear cowboy hats more frequently, you will find that you like some brands more than others and that some brands are a better fit for certain uses than others. Stetson cowboy hats are a popular choice of traditional cowboy hats that are usually sleek and fashionable. On the other hand, Ariat hats include comfortable baseball caps and a variety of straw hats. You will have to decide which brand you like the best.

Cowboy hats are not only stylish but also practical. Before making your purchase, we suggest that you think about the functionality of your hat. You also want to make sure that the cowboy hat you choose is comfortable and fits right. Consider all of these factors before purchasing your next cowboy hat. Along with our selection of men’s cowboy boots and western style clothing, you will quickly feel like a true cowboy.


Western Style Trends for 2018

Now that 2018 is in full force, it’s time to take a look at the year ahead and the style trends that all women should become aware of. When it comes to western style, there are many different pieces and accessories that add to your look and you can rock a country outfit to music festivals, barbeques, and date nights. Sheplers shares with you the top western style trends for 2018 and how all women can let their inner cowgirl shine through their wardrobe.

Double denim

The denim jacket paired with denim jeans look has recently grown and we will continue to see it flourish in 2018. A true western look can incorporate denim, and all women can give this look a modern twist in the new year. This Grace in LA Women’s Indigo Floral Embroidered Jean Jacket is the perfect mix of denim and flair with the floral added touches. Pair this jacket with your favorite pair of denim jeans and a modern cowgirl hat and you will look like a true country girl at any event.

Grace in LA Women's Indigo Floral Jean Jacket


A trendy look that incorporates the western style this season will probably include fringe in some way. You can integrate fringe in your country outfit so many different ways such as wearing fringe booties, a fringe purse or a fringe vest. This Stetson Women’s Faux Suede Jacket with Fringe is the perfect addition to your western wardrobe and you will be sure to turn heads in this jacket.

Stetson Women's Faux Suede Jacket


Floral is a spring season staple and incorporating it into your western look will add style and femininity. You can wear floral to any event and wearing a floral skirt like this Shyanne Women’s Floral Ruffle Hem Maxi Skirt will allow you to be casual or fancy depending on how you accessorize this look. This skirt goes perfectly with a pair of cowgirl boots!

Shyanne Women's Floral Ruffle Skirt

No matter where you are going this season, incorporating these western style trends will allow you to look and feel like a true country girl. Sheplers western wear has a variety of womens clothing and accessories for all cowgirls.


Sheplers’ Pick for Winter Insulated Boots

No matter what outdoor activities you have planned for this upcoming winter, you will need the proper boots for the best protection and comfort for your feet. Winter insulated boots will be sure to keep the outside elements from creeping inside and causing discomfort. There are many factors that go into choosing the right pair such as height and water resistance and Sheplers shares with you the best picks for winter insulated boots for the ultimate cowboy. Learn how to choose the perfect pair for your next outdoor adventure below!


When you are looking for your next pair of winter insulated boots, the height of the boots should be a main factor in your purchasing decision. The higher the boot, the warmer your ankles and legs will feel in colder weather conditions. Snow and other outside elements tend to enter the boots the shorter they are. These Bog Men’s Rancher Waterproof Boots provide a 12 foot shaft height to ensure your feet stay warm and dry.

Water Resistance

Baffin Men’s Muskox Winter Insulated Boots


Winter insulated boots that are water resistant will provide extra protection in extreme weather conditions. Keeping your feet dry is crucial in frigid temperatures and you should make sure you purchase a pair of boots that are water resistant. These Baffin Men’s Muskox Cold Weather Boots will keep you protected as well as provide you with a comfortable mid-sole for your feet.


Sheplers western wear also suggests you consider the material of your next pair of winter insulated boots. To keep your feet warmer, you can choose a pair that comes with suede leather or wool material. These Rocky Jasper-Trac Insulated Outdoor Boots will keep your feet warm while you trek through cold and icy conditions on your next adventure.

Best Winter Apparel to Keep You Warm

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Carhartt’s Winter Weather Gloves

If you have a winter family vacation coming up or you live in the north, you will need to bundle up and stay warm once the temperatures start to severely drop. Winter is filled with beautiful white snow to go perfectly with the holiday season, however you should avoid feeling miserable by not purchasing the appropriate winter apparel. You will need to stock up on the right coats, boots, and winter outerwear to stay warm and luckily Sheplers has got you covered with it all!

Women’s Winter Jackets

If you are looking for a thick jacket to wear during outdoor adventures, you may need to invest in a parka. These long and insulated jackets will be sure to keep you warm as well as stylish no matter what you pair it with. This Mountain Hardwear Women’s Black Potrero Parka will allow you to stay active during the winter while still feeling cute and stylish.

Carhartt’s Winter Weather Gloves

Winter Hats and Gloves

Sometimes we forget to purchase winter accessories because we are so focused on the coats and sweaters. At Sheplers we can guarantee that your hands, neck, and ears will be freezing if you don’t properly cover them. Keep your hands warm and protected with these Carhartt’s Cold Weather Gloves. They provide a comfortable fit and are great for the winter months. Cover your ears with this stylish Carhartt Women’s Lookout Pom Pom hat.

Carhartt Women’s Lookout Pom Pom Winter Weather Hat

Winter Boots

Now that you have tackled the winter coats and accessories, it’s time to purchase your winter boots. If you will be doing activities in the snow you need to properly keep your feet protected and warm. Winter insulated boots are the perfect solution for all winter-related activities and you can purchase your next pair at Sheplers!