Cattle Drives for Beginners: What to Expect


Cattle drives are as about as real as it gets when it comes to the authentic western lifestyle, and you will automatically feel like a cowboy after this unique experience. If you are new to cattle drives, there are many tips and tricks you can learn before you embark on your cowboy journey. It’s important to pack the appropriate items for this activity such as your favorite horse riding boots. Sheplers Western Wear can share with you what to expect on cattle drives for beginners.

Cattle drives are the perfect opportunity for you to feel like a real cowboy for the day by participating in a working ranch operation. Whether you will be moving small herds of cattle to a close by pasture or driving large groups across town, you can expect your cattle drive to turn into an all-day task. The pace of the cattle drive can vary significantly depending on where you go. You should consider your riding ability before you select your western destination. Some working ranches require a certain level of riding ability before allowing you to participate, so we recommend you check with the ranch beforehand.

Make sure you come prepared and dressed for the weather conditions you will be experiencing that day. If your cattle drive is in the mountains, you will want to pack a rain jacket just in case some showers come into play. Of course, you will need the perfect cowboy hat and horse riding boots to complete your cattle drive look. Authentic cowboys always come prepared with the proper gear ready to herd cattle.

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