Choosing the Right Cowgirl Hat

It’s no secret that a cowgirl hat is the finishing touch to a western outfit. Sun protection and practicality aside, cowgirl hats are also used to make a fashion statement. Choosing the right cowgirl hat varies depending on personal style.

Fabric. These days, hats are available in suede, leather, straw, cloth and a variety of other fabrics that add to the unique possibilities of customizing a cowgirl hat. Depending on what climate you live in, you’ll want to select a hat made from either a warmer or a lighter material for the most practical wear and frequent use.

Shape. Depending on your face shape, there are some hats that will simply look better than others. Learning what type of face shape you have will help you eliminate options that will not flatter you, leaving you with options that help to enhance your face strengths. Oval faces, square jawlines, and prominent foreheads—each of these face types requires a different style of hat.

Trends. Naturally, runway trends have an influence on what is created through the world of fashion, and cowgirl hats are no exception. Colors seen on the runway translate into colors for hats, and embellishment, embroidery, or even a stark black look are all trends that are mimicked from the fashion world.

Choosing the right cowgirl hat for you might take a little patience. We recommend browsing our wide variety of cowgirl hats to see what style is best for you.

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