How to Clean Cowboy Boots

Clean Cowboy Boots

If you have just purchased a new pair of cowboy boots, you want them to last. The best way to ensure long-term use is to properly care for and clean boots. The consistent maintenance of your cowboy boots will allow them to stay strong and durable as well as look good for a long time to come.

Clean Cowboy Boots

How to Get Clean Boots the Right Way

At Sheplers Western Wear, we offer a wide selection of genuine men’s cowboy boots and fashionable women’s boots in various styles and materials, but we understand that you want your favorite pair to last. To help you keep your trusted boots for as long a possible, we are helping you learn the proper way to clean boots.

  1. Before you even touch your boots, you need to know what material they are made of. The proper way to clean leather boots is different from the right way to clean suede boots. If you still have the care instructions from when you bought your cowboy boots, always refer to them first.
  2. The first step when you actually start to clean your cowboy boots is to get rid of the outside dirt and dust. To do this, take a cloth with the right cleaner on it and gently rub around the entire boot. For spots that are hard to come off, we suggest using a boot brush. The best way to ensure that this step is done properly is to use quality boot care items designed for your cowboy boot’s specific material.
  3. After you have successfully wiped down your cowboy boots, it’s important to condition them regularly to enhance the shininess of your boots. Once you find the right conditioner, you can gently massage the entire boot with it. Be careful not to overdo it.
  4. If you really want your clean boots to last, you can use shoe polish to get your boots looking shiny and brand new. This will also help get rid of scratches. It’s important to once again use a polish that will complement the material of your cowboy boots and ultimately not damage them. The Scout Boot cream polish is one of our bestsellers.
  5. Finally, do not forget about proper storage. Throwing your Ariat men’s cowboy boots carelessly in your closet is a sure way to keep them from lasting very long. Instead, look for boot trees to keep them from bending and always store them in a dry place.

An authentic pair of cowboy boots are worth the investment if you take good care of them. The right cowboy boot care will have your boots looking fresh and clean no matter how rough you are on them.




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