Complete Your Look with Western Accessories

While you might have your favorite summer sundress or your go-to pair of blue jean cutoffs, your outfit isn’t quite complete without a few western inspired accessories. Accessories are a way for you to add a personal flair to an outfit, and they shouldn’t be forgotten! Here are some of our favorite western accessories that you can explore and use to help build your personal style.
Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings – the western fashion world has a little something for everyone. Leather bands are a popular bracelet trend, and you can find a variety of styles to meet your personal taste. There are cord styles as well as thicker cuff styles. Also, necklaces and other items are often decorated with silver or a turquoise stone. Turquoise has long been associated with western style, and today’s modern jewelry is no exception.
Belt buckles
What’s a cowgirl without her belt buckle? Big belt buckles allow you to have a personal twist on common objects like brown and black belts, and they are a fun way to put a little of your personality into your outfit. You can even coordinate your belt buckle to match your boots, or another aspect of your outfit, for a look that is all you and totally country.
A lady’s handbag speaks volumes about her, so it definitely needs to be considered when building your western outfit. Picking out a western handbag means browsing a large selection of country styles, from studded totes to fringe crossbody bags, the options can seem overwhelming. For this reason, it’s best to have a targeted idea of what exactly you are looking for.
While there are plenty of other accessories, from hats to phone cases, to sunglasses and luggage, these western accessories will be a good place to start as you build your country wardrobe.

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