Country Stars’ Fashion

woman wearing cheetah print dress

Country music has always been a unique genre of music. With its own sound, movies, and western style clothes, country music has become its own culture. At Sheplers, we celebrate this culture, particularly its fashion, and want to take a look back at some country star fashion from musicians who know how to pull off western wear.

Most Fashionable Country Music Stars Ever

As a western style clothing store, we know country fashion. So, we’ve compiled a list of who we think are some of the most stylish country artists of all time and how you can look like them.

Dolly Parton

Is there any surprise that Dolly Parton made the list? Her fashion style has always been as unique and fun as her. She has been rocking her signature sequins and fun prints for years.1 Most recently you may have seen her on stage at the Grammys for a tribute in her honor. Want to look like Dolly? Try our Liberty Wear Studded Leather Fringe Jacket found on our western store online.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is a country music icon and had to make our list of most fashionable country music stars ever for that fact alone. You will more than often find him with a headband or black cowboy hat to top off his signature braids. His fashion is a throw back to simple with a lot of black t-shirts, jeans, and of course, a good pair of cowboy boots. Copy his simple look with a pair of Wrangler jeans, a graphic tee, and any one of our men’s cowboy boots.

Shania Twain

woman wearing cheetah print dress

Though her fashion has changed over the years to keep up with the trends, this woman loves her cheetah print. Get the look with our Cowgirl Justice Women’s Cheetah Print Dress.

Roy Rogers

Known as the “King of the Cowboys,” Roy Rogers was the pinnacle of western cowboy clothing. Although probably most well-known for his acting career, we are adding him to the list. He seemed to always be sporting a fun jacket or shirt and a men’s cowboy hat. Throw it back to Roy Rogers with a men’s vintage western shirt.

Now that you know who we believe are some of the most fashionable country music stars ever, you can look like them too. Visit our western style clothing store to get everything you need to mimic one of these country music fashion icons. From men’s cowboy boots to women’s fringe handbags, you are just clicks away from a new look.


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