Country Western Dressing in the Winter

Throughout the country, temperatures are quite chilly. While you can’t exactly get by wearing your favorite cutoff shorts and vintage tee shirt, there are ways you can still channel your western style in the winter months. Some our most classic western wear can be worn in the winter to keep you warm. Let’s look at the winter essentials of country western fashion.

Jeans. A staple in the wardrobe of most people, jeans are a classic and easy piece to wear during the day or at night. Choose from a variety of washes, cuts, brands and more with our large denim selection at Sheplers.

Flannel. Button down flannel shirts are a cowboy staple, and the material can keep you quite cozy in the cold weather. You can layer a t-shirt underneath for extra warmth, and there are so many prints in today’s flannel that you can rotate several options throughout the season.

Shearling Jacket. Who doesn’t love a classic and casual denim jacket? They are great, but they aren’t the warmest option. A lined shearling coat will keep you cozy in the chilly winter months.

Cowboy Hat. You lose a lot of heat through your head, so a hat is an important part of staying warm, Choose a warm suede or leather cowboy hat to keep your head cozy and comfortable.

Boots. A thick pair of socks and a pair of high quality boots are all you need to keep your feet cuddled up and warm. Pick out a pair of boots that are versatile and can easily be rotated throughout your existing wardrobe.

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