COVID-19 Impact on Online Shopping

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Extra 30% off here, BOGO 50% off select styles, free shipping, entire site on sale – these are the sales retailers have been advertising since COVID-19 has forced officials to put social distancing and lockdown measures in place. While the world is on these strict rules, people are stuck at home while the economy plummets. Our western wear experts are here to share the COVID-19 impact on online shopping.

Is It Ethical to Shop Online During COVID-19?

While the world has practically shut down and people are stuck at home with extra time, the digital retail market has seen a spike in demand for goods. There has been a significant impact on online shopping due to the closure of stores.1 Consumers are spending their days ordering denim, shoes, houseware items – you can even order grocery items right to your door! This has left the unsettling question: is it ethical to online shop during COVID-19?

While a lot of people will continue purchasing whatever items they may see for sale online, others might feel like it doesn’t seem appropriate to buy non-essential items just because they have a discount. Due to the strict restrictions, social distancing rules, and the worldwide pandemic, businesses are hurting. In order to keep the economy alive, citizens, if they can, should continue shopping online.

The Online Shopping Surge

The online shopping surge has been a blessing for consumers as well as the companies themselves, some of which are local businesses who really need this income. Retailers are trying to maintain their client base. On the other hand, it’s also a curse for warehouse workers and delivery drivers. While buying “non-essential” things might seem unnecessary at the moment, you are actually helping the economy and supporting your favorite businesses during this difficult time. We believe it’s important to relieve any stress you may have amidst all the uncertainty and worry. Whether it’s the latest denim or a pair of shoes you are obsessing over, we say to go for it. Consider it a form of medicine for your mental health – after all, they don’t call it retail therapy for nothing.

Sure, you most likely aren’t going to need that pair of Ariat Women’s Round Up Cowgirl Boots – Medium Toe when you’re social distancing, but how could you pass up the final sale price?! You might be kicking back and relaxing in your favorite sweatpants right now, but imagine how stylish you’ll be this upcoming summer season in the Stetson Women’s Light Blue Tiered Tank Dress. If you just can’t wait, host a virtual hoedown on Instagram, Houseparty, or any other social video platform, and dress up with your favorite pair of boots.

So, is it ethical to online shop during COVID-19? Well, the answer is up to you. On the one hand, you are supporting your favorite companies like Sheplers and boosting the economy. However, you also have to think about the workers who are risking their lives during the pandemic to deliver your discounted items. While there is a direct impact on online shopping during COVID-19, it’s all the hands of consumers what they want to spend their money on during this pandemic.

As always, you can shop your favorite brands like Wrangler, Scully, Shyanne, and more at Sheplers. Our team is here to assist you with your western wear needs. We hope you stay safe inside and take the necessary precautions to flatten the curve and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our boots are still kicking and we have lassoed some great deals on all the latest country fashion trends.


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