Sheplers’s Ultimate Cowboy Boot Care

ultimate cowboy boot care

Whether it’s a pair of women’s riding boots or some men’s work boots, when you find that perfect pair of cowboy boots you want them to last. While you can simply wear them until they start falling apart, at Sheplers we recommend being proactive and following our ultimate cowboy boot care instructions to ensure that your boots will be around for a long time.

ultimate cowboy boot care
Scout Boot Cream Polish

Cowboy Boot Care Instructions

Don’t be left in the dust (literally). Sure, a little dirt never hurt anyone, but the best cowboy boots will be cleaned and polished regularly. Our most popular boot polish for both men’s and women’s cowboy boots is Scout Boot Cream Polish.

If you really want your cowboy boots to last, you will want to consider the full Scout Boot Care Kit. This kit includes everything you need to send scuffs on their way and care for your cowboy boots properly.

Another option for proper cowboy boot care is the Bickmore Boot Care Kit. This bundle includes leather cleaner, leather conditioner, and water & stain repellent.

Besides cleaning your cowboys boots regularly, you’ll want to ensure that you also store them properly. Boot trees prevent your boots from bending in your closet. Some may also prevent foot odor.

At Sheplers, we understand that the best way to prolong the life of your favorite cowboy boots is by taking care of them. Keep your favorite pair of cowboy boots as a staple in your western wear wardrobe for a long time with the help of products designed just for them. Not all boots are the same, so the products your use for women’s riding boots may differ from the ones you use for men’s work boots. Be sure to read product details to determine which ones are best for your boots.


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