Cowboy Hat Anatomy

Cowboy hats are an icon to a true American man, and are known as the defining piece of attire for the North American cowboy. There are plenty of different shapes and sizes of cowboy hats, made from different materials, but there is one thing that is the same about cowboy hats: the cowboy hat anatomy. Cowboy hats resemble each other, but they are all different in their own special ways. Sheplers has compiled an informative list regarding the most important parts of cowboy hats.









The Crown – Starting at the top with cowboy hat anatomy, literally! The crown of the hat is the top. A crown can be rounded or pinched. A crown that is pinched with a dip in the center is the typical hat for ranching and rodeo. This style is called a cattleman cowboy hat.

The Pinch – The shape of the crease in the crown is called the pinch. There are different names for different shaped pinches, such as the Monterey, shown to be a square pinch.

The Brim – This part of the cowboy hat anatomy is the part that offers sun coverage. The brim is the overhanging material coming from the bottom of the hat’s crown, and runs around the entire hat. Some hats have shapeable brims that can be bent downwards in the front and rolled up on the sides.

The Band – The hat band is the decorative piece that sits on top of the brim at the base of the crown. Band can also be called ribbons. For most cowboy hats, the bands are made in leather, ribbon, feathers, beads, or some of these elements combined.

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