Cowboy Hat Etiquette

If there is one thing that is synonymous with cowboy culture, it is cowboy hat etiquette; an integral part of southern charm. So, if you are new to the rodeo, Sheplers has some simple cowboy hat etiquette tips so you don’t give off the wrong impression amongst other cowboys and cowgirls.

Don’t Touch Another Cowboy’s Hat

Keep your hands on your own hat! There is virtually no reason to touch another cowboy’s hat, and you definitely do not wear another man’s hat unless he offers it to you to try on after you compliment him on it.

When to Tip Your Cowboy Hat

Tip your hat when introducing yourself to a lady or to show respect for another gentleman. The hat does not have to come all the way off, just a simple pull up of the brim and a nod will suffice.

Hats Off

This is the most important cowboy hat etiquette tip from Sheplers, so pay attention. Whenever you enter a building, your hat should come off. If you are there to meet someone, your hat stays off until you have shaken hands. Then, depending on the situation, you can put your hat back on. But, when you enter someone else’s house or a restaurant, the hat stays off. The only exception is if there is nowhere to put it safely.

Keep Your Hat Clean

A clean cowboy hat shows that the cowboy takes pride in himself, and that is very important. Make sure your brim is spotless and that it is not collecting dust on the top. When you take your hat off, make sure you rest it upside down to keep the brim clean. After a day of wear, you can use a cowboy hat cleaner to ensure that your hat stays in tip-top shape.

Final Thought

A major rule when it comes to cowboy hat etiquette is this: if it feels rude, then don’t do it regardless of the circumstance. Cowboys have their own standards, so it is important to have respect for the common cowboy hat courtesies – or don’t wear one.

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