3 Ways to Tell Your Cowboy Jeans Fit Perfectly



A good pair of jeans is something a cowboy can always count on, and every pair should feel like it was custom made for the best fit. Comfort is key with men’s jeans, and there are many ways to tell your cowboy jeans are the right fit for you. Whether you are attending a rodeo or a country concert with friends, your cowboy jeans are your best accessory for country-boy charm. Sheplers Western Wear has the perfect guide with three ways for choosing the best fitted cowboy jeans.

Stretch Matters

For cowboy jeans you wish to wear all day, stretch and comfort will do wonders. Most jeans have a small amount of elasticity to them and we suggest you search for a pair that includes lycra or spandex for added comfort. You will most likely be wearing your cowboy jeans for an extended period at a western event, and your jeans should allow for extra movement to avoid distress. These Regular Fit Stretch Wrangler Jeans are the perfect pair for stretch and denim ease.

One Size Smaller

A waistband that fits too loose can cause your jeans to look bulky and feel uncomfortable. One way to tell that your jeans are the perfect fit is by the two fingers test. You shouldn’t be able to fit two fingers in the waistband when you try on different styles of jeans. This test will ensure the perfect fit, not too loose and not too tight. Men usually have the tendency to shop for jeans that are too big and we suggest you consider going a size smaller for the right feel.

Leg Length

Another way to tell if your cowboy jeans are right for you is by the length of where they fall. A flawless fit should include a slight/half or full break on your legs. Your look will be more refined with the right length and you can avoid the baggy jeans look.



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