Sheplers Cowboy Luggage for Traveling This Winter

If you have found yourself with travel plans this winter, then luggage is likely on your list of priorities. Sheplers’ cowboy luggage is amongst the finest quality and style luggage that you are likely to find.

Hard Shell Hat Cans

If you are traveling with your cowboy hat, you need to take care of it with the same care you give it every day. The Sheplers’ single hat cans and double stack hat cans are exactly what you need. These rigid cases form a protective encasing around your cowboy hat or hats, and keep them in their original condition. These cases are the quintessential cowboy luggage necessity.

Lake Tahoe Sports Bag

For the gentleman out there, the Bandana by American West Charcoal Lake Tahoe Sports Bag is the perfect choice for stylish and classy cowboy luggage. The bag is available in light or dark brown and the quality speaks for itself.

Laptop Briefcase

Of course, when you are traveling you want to keep yourself connected to that wild world around you, so Sheplers American West Leather Laptop Briefcase is how you can carry around your laptop in true cowboy style. The detail in the leather work is incredible!

Zip Leather Rodeo Bag

For ladies or gentleman, the American West Fancy Zip Leather Rodeo Bag is the top of the line, American made leather bag. It’s sturdy, beautifully made and it embodies the style of the American west. The bag is only available in tan brown because the work put into each one takes a lot of time. The designs are beautiful and unmatched!

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