4 Facts About Cowboys and Cowboy Style

The cowboy traditions date back much farther than just the cowboy style; though the clothing is very recognizable. There is a story behind everything that cowboys wear and a reason for it all. Sheplers knows cowboy style and has everything cowboys need to look their best and show their roots, as well as these interesting facts about cowboys and their style.


A cowboy is a cattle rustler, a cattle driver, and a rugged outdoors man. The traditional cowboy actually dates back to the Mexican vaquero, which is where the term “buckaroo” came from. Seems those early cowboys couldn’t quite get the pronunciation down pat. The Mexican cowboy hats were incorporated in the western cowboy style as well.

Cattle Drives

During cattle drives, a handful of cowboys (5-10) would move around 3,000 cattle for miles and miles; this practice has its origins in the meat industry. Cattle drives move slow because the cowboys didn’t want the cattle to be too thin when they arrived, which is why regular stops for grazing and rest are factored into the cattle drive.


Cowboys had to earn their cowboy boot spurs through either a long cattle drive or a rodeo. Though spurs were always used, it was said that a cowboy earned his spurs by proving that he could do his job very well.

Cowboy Style

Back in the good ‘ole days, cowboys would wear the same clothes for weeks on end. In fact, that was what made denim so popular. Denim a resilient material and it doesn’t need much upkeep. The cowboy tradition of denim is one that has not ever faded out (pun intended) and is still seen on major fashion runways year after year.

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