Guide to Throwing a Baby Buckaroo Cowboy-Themed Baby Shower

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Ready to throw the best cowboy-themed baby shower? Sheplers Western Wear has the perfect guide for all your western baby shower needs! Here are all the things that would help bring your baby shower full circle. 

Baby Shower Party Supplies

Cowboy Invitations 

First things first, invitations! It wouldn’t be much of a party without getting the guests there! The invite is the first impression of your shower, so you want to make it count. It gives your guests the information needed to successfully RSVP, plus the invitations will also show people the theme and let them plan accordingly. 

Key takeaways from an invite:

  • Theme
  • Dress code
  • Date and time 
  • Location (this also helps plan the attire) 
  • How to RSVP and to who

Western-Themed Decorations

Decorations are where you can get as creative as you want with the theme. You can get very detailed, keep it simple and to the point, or even do something in between. 

Decorations elements to keep in mind:

  • Fabrics and Elements: Fabrics like denim, leather, gingham check, bandana patterns, and heavy linen are telling tales of a cowboy-themed baby shower. You can also include elements like cactus, twine, cast iron, and wildflowers. 
  • Balloons: Nothing screams party as much as theme-appropriate balloons everywhere! 
  • Streamers: This is a great way to include some of the fabrics mentioned earlier, plus twine streamers decorated with wildflowers would be perfect for a little cowgirl’s shower.  

Another noticeable element is table decorations. You can use cute gingham checkered tablecloths, cactus centerpieces, twine to tie up the silverware, or just let your imagination run wild. 

Baby Shower Food and Drinks

Next up is the food and drinks, and keeping to the cowboy theme of the baby shower is easy for this one. 

Here are some western-themed meals to keep your guest happy:

  • Chili
  • Casseroles
  • Fried chicken 
  • Cheese dips 
  • Biscuits and jams

And we can’t forget the desserts:

  • No-bake haystack cookie
  • Cowpie cookies (chocolate chip cookies with a theme) 
  • Pecan and other pies 

Western Baby Shower Attire

Now that you have set up everything for guests, it’s time to work on the attire! This, again, can be themed or just have your guests enjoy the party. Either way, Sheplers has the best women’s dresses for any momma-to-be. 


Our western wear company has all the style guides and attire needed for your cowboy-themed baby shower! So check it out or contact us with any questions. We are happy to help! 


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