How to Choose the Right Cowgirl Boots for Her

Cowgirls boots are the perfect addition to a western style look, and any pair of these classic boots will make you feel like an authentic cowgirl instantly. Not only are cowgirl boots fashionable, but they are extremely functional for everyday use. It’s important to consider multiple factors when choosing the right cowgirl boots and at Sheplers women’s western wear, we provide you with the perfect guide for how to choose the right cowgirl boots. Style, material, and fit are all crucial in the search for your match made in heaven.

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Choosing the Right Material

You can find cowgirl boots made from all different types of genuine leather including suede, alligator skin, and cowhide leather. Of course, there are boots made from faux leather and you should consider the material that best fits your needs. The most durable and long-lasting material options are usually on the more expensive side; however, you can guarantee that these cowgirl boots will stay with you for a while.

Heel and Shaft Height

When it comes to the height of the heel and shaft, this choice is solely based off preference. You should consider the type of settings you wish to wear your cowgirl boots in and some occasions may call for a smaller heel for comfort while some nights you may want to flaunt a stylish high heel. Also, a taller shaft protects your leg more if you will be working in your boots. Whatever feels the most comfortable to you is the way to go.

Toe Point Preference

The type of toe point for your cowgirl boots are a matter of personal style and comfort. There are boots that have a rounded toe while others can be pointed or squared. The choice of this aesthetically pleasing feature of a cowgirl boot differs for everyone, and at Sheplers we suggest you go with the boots that are the most suitable for your wardrobe.

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