Cowgirl Style Guide: How to Wear a Baseball Cap

how to wear a baseball cap

At Sheplers, we have the best cowboy hats, but we know that cowgirls don’t always go for them. We also know that baseball caps for women are another favorite go-to. So when it comes to styling them and rocking them, Sheplers wants to help figure it out! There are so many different ways to go about wearing a baseball hat. It mainly comes down to hairstyles to wear with a hat and baseball hat outfit ideas. Here are a few things to try out!

Hairstyles to Wear With a Hat

Low Pigtails

For this hairstyle, you can rock any type of low pigtails under the hat:

  • Braids
  • Fishtail Braids
  • Bubble Braids
  • Not Braided 
  • French or Dutch Braids

This hairstyle gives you a lot of freedom to show your personality, even under a baseball cap. 

Low Ponytails or Buns

These are other styles that are easy to do and will look great when wearing a baseball cap! You can wear low ponytails right down the back of the neck or even off to the side. You can also add braids, or you could also wear low buns in different ways. Slick them back or leave them messy with a few strands left in front of the face, which is easier for people with bangs or shorter layers in the front. 

Hair Down

And if you want to work with styling your hair naturally, straight, curly, crimped, etc. Then you can still style the lower half of the hair, and you don’t have to worry about your roots because the hat will cover them. 

Hats are perfect to wear with dirty hair or when you don’t feel like washing it. Throw in a few braids and put a baseball cap on, and you’re all set!

Baseball Hat Outfit Ideas

While the hairstyle is important, the outfit is the main eye-catcher. There are a bunch of different ways to style a baseball hat, but here are some of our favorite:


This look is normally made up of jeans or jean shorts, paired with a T-shirt, sneakers, and your favorite baseball hat. You could also be wearing leggings or other athleisure bottoms. The hat could have your favorite sports team’s logo on it, a saying, or your favorite brand name. So this look works for weekend errands, backyard BBQs, or attending your favorite team’s games. The options for hats and where you could wear them are endless. Low pigtails, buns, or ponytails would go great with this sporty feel. 


This next look is a little more “dressier” than the sporty one. Chic could mean pairing your baseball hat with skinny jeans or putting leggings with a cute sweater or a nice T-shirt, but it is also a look that could pair your hat with jackets, like denim or leather. Chic represents more of a fashion sense than the “watching a game” feel the first fit offers. The baseball hats that work well with the chic look are solid color hats with no words or logos. You’ll want a simple hat to add some personality to an outfit that would look great with the hair-down options from the hairstyles.

Meet in the Middle

The third option is kind of a blend of the previous two. So if you are meeting your friends for coffee or grabbing lunch, this is the look where you get to pair a chic hairstyle under a sports team hat with your leggings and jean jacket, or where you add some low bubble braids under a solid color hat with your leggings and leather jacket. This look gives more freedom and creativity to whoever wants to pull it off! 

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