Different Ways to Use Your Cowboy Boots Around the House

With all of the cowboy boot options from Sheplers, chances are you will have a hard time narrowing down which ones you want for yourself. After all, there are worse things in the world than having one too many cowboy boots to choose from.

Shep Boots 3

In case your closet starts overflowing with cowboy boots, don’t worry! There are still plenty of other ways you can use your favorite cowboy boots instead of banishing them to the depths of your closet. Simply take these tips from Sheplers on different ways to use your cowboy boots around the house.

Christmas Stockings. Perhaps the simplest way to add some country chic to your Christmas decorations, use your cowboy boots as Christmas stockings. Bonus points for those with bigger feet – you get more in your stocking!

Flower Vase. Use an extra pair of cowboy boots as a flower vase for a completely unique home decoration. Just place your flower vase in a pair of cowboy boots and you will immediately have the perfect country-inspired vase from Sheplers.

Utensil Holder. For a different way to store your cooking utensils, use your cowboy boots from Sheplers! Simply put pint sized jars in your boots and place it in your kitchen after cleaning. Talk about a fun way to add some country flair to your home!

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