DIY Toy Story Woody Costume for Boys

Halloween is just around the corner! Do your kids have their costumes ready? It is okay if you have walked up and down the aisle looking at Halloween costumes for boys feeling stumped. You can always make one yourself! Sheplers suggests getting crafty with your child this Halloween by making a DIY Woody costume. The Disney movie Toy Story is a timeless classic, so this costume can work for boys of all ages.

To begin making your DIY Woody costume, it is helpful to look at a bunch of different pictures of Woody. Sheplers suggests looking at photos of him in the movie or of other people who have recreated his look and made their own costumes.

Above all else, you will need a pair of cowboy boots. Sheplers has plenty of cowboy boots for kids to choose from. When buying a pair of boots for your child’s DIY Woody costume, make sure to pick tan colored boots to match the character’s outfit.

Next, you have to have a pair of cowboy jeans! Sheplers catalog for jeans can help to perfect your DIY Woody costume. Any pair of blue jeans will work. In the Toy Story movies, Woody wears a lighter pair of blue jeans.

Woody wears a vest made of cowhide. For your DIY Woody costume, there is no need to go and purchase a cowhide vest, unless you can find one matching a store-bought Woody costume, for a good price. Sheplers suggests going to your local craft store and purchasing a few feet of cow-printed fabric. Print out a Woody vest template, mix some elbow grease with a little bit of sewing, and you’ve got yourself a faux cowhide Woody vest!

Any yellow, button-down, long-sleeved shirt should do; however, Sheplers has the perfect yellow and white plaid shirt to match Woody’s, which he wears underneath his cowhide vest!

Tuck your child’s shirt in and put on a nice brown belt to match the boots. Most importantly, in order to complete your DIY Woody costume, make sure to write “ANDY” in the handwriting of Woody’s owner, Andy.

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