Dressing Up for Your First Date Night of Fall

If you are years into a relationship, or just starting off there is one thing that is the same: date night is important. Couples that have been together for ages will tell you that one of their top secrets is keeping date night sacred. It is a night to focus on each other, and let all of your other life worries and stresses fade away. If you have a date coming up as fall is beginning, here are some tips to absolutely rock it.

Sheplers has the perfect selection to make your date night special. At the very beginning of fall you can get away with wearing short things, i.e. shorts and skirts, and you don’t necessarily have to wear pants yet. Maxi skirts are still really popular, and you can wear one that is formal enough but not too formal. Everybody knows that there is a delicate balance between overdressed and underdressed, and a maxi skirt is a versatile piece.

To keep this look comfortable but still casual you should pair it with a simple top or even a light sweater. A sweater like this one is perfect for a casual date. It gives the outfit a pop of color while still keeping it simple and cute. Tuck the sweater in and pull your hair up in a sock but to really rock the outfit.

Whether it is your first date or you have been together since second grade, date night is important. Wear something that shows your personality while still looking good, and this outfit does just that. Also, wear something that makes you feel confident, because confidence is the best accessory you can wear.

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