Equestrian Clothing Specifically Designed for Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a hobby that Sheplers is quite familiar with, being that we supply various different equestrian boots and apparel for women and men. If you are new to the riding world, equestrian clothing can be strange. If you are just beginning your equestrian journey, it is beneficial for you to allot the funds needed. This means that you should take the time to research and purchase quality items that will last in the long run, or should we say, long ride.

It is important that you prepare for comfort when shopping for equestrian clothing and dressing for riding. Sitting on the back of a horse can become uncomfortable over an extended amount of time. Comfortable equestrian clothes matter when it comes to pants, boots, and shirts. Show clothes are completely different than everyday riding clothes, so Sheplers will provide you with the basics.

Riding pants, as far as comfortable equestrian clothing goes, are best as two or four-way stretch fabric. These pants are also called jodhpurs or breeches. Some breeches come equipped with knee and seat patches. These patches come in suede or leather.

For daily riders, a riding shirt can be any comfortable shirt in which you prefer. Your best bet is a shirt with a collar, because traditional polo and rugby shirts never go out of style. If going out on a trail, a snug fitting, bright colored shirt works best so it does not snag on to any branches and you can be easily seen.

Your footwear is one of the most important items of equestrian clothing, as well as your helmet. Your riding boots must be close-toed, with a small heel to keep your feet from slipping out of the stirrups. Most stables provide helmets; but if not, make sure the strap to your helmet is not too tight underneath your chin. Also make sure that the lid fits just right to where it stays in place, but is not too tight.

While equestrian clothing might seem different at first, it is designed for functionality and comfort. You can find the best equestrian clothing for the greatest prices here at Sheplers!

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