Famous Cowboys from the West – Part One

There were many legendary gunslingers, outlaws, and lawmen of the Wild West that play a great part in history of the American Old West growing into what the United States of America is today. Sheplers has compiled a list of some of the most famous cowboys from the west to educate you about the outlaws of the frontier era.


Billy the Kid – This famous cowboy is a legendary outlaw of the American Old West whose life has become sensationalized in movies, songs, and books around the country. This cowboy has one famous photo in a cowboy hat, a scarf, and a comfortable vest. Billy the Kid was one of the cowboys from the west who lived a short life of only 21 years before being shot by a sheriff.

Jesse James – Becoming even more legendary after death, this famous member of the James-Younger Gang robbed banks, stage coaches, and trains for a living. Unfortunately, Sheplers is sad to say that he was shot in the back of the head by one of his friends hoping make some fast cash.


Butch Cassidy – Another one of the famous cowboys on Sheplers’ list was the leader of the Wild Bunch Gang, who robbed banks and trains just like Jesse James. He changed his name to Cassidy as a tribute to a fellow cowboy buddy who taught him how to shoot and hold a gun.


Bonnie and Clyde – No list of cowboys from the west is complete without Bonnie and Clyde. These outlaws lived fast and died young and take the cake for being the most famous cowboys. They went on a robbing a killing spree across Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, eventually to be killed in Louisiana by police rangers.

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