Famous Cowboys from the West – Part Two

The untamed territories noted for their lawlessness were home to plenty of cowboys and bandits. As an addition to last week’s list of some of the famous cowboys from the west, Sheplers is here to further educate you about more outlaws of the past and how their attire created the standard for western wear apparel.

Horse riders

Doc Holliday – Doc’s legend lives on as people continue to debate about all the crimes that Doc Holliday committed. Before becoming a renowned gambler and gunslinger, he had earned a DDS degree in dentistry. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis at the age of 15, so of course, becoming a deadly gunman was his next best profession. No other one of the cowboys from the west has a mustache like Doc Holliday’s.



Cherokee Bill – Not Buffalo Bill – do not get these two famous cowboys mistaken. Cherokee Bill was a 19th century outlaw who was known for having a quick trigger finger. After shooting a man for beating up his brother, this cowboy gained his reputation at 18 years of age. He terrorized Oklahoma his entire living life. In his last known photo, Cherokee Bill is wearing a crushable cowboy hat and a scarf tied in a knot around his neck.


Sam Bass Being one of the famous cowboys from the west whose life inspired Wild West ballads, Sam Bass was an American train robber who started his career after running away from home. Good ol’ Sam was part of the largest robbery of the Union Pacific, thieving $60,000 from the gold train and splitting it with one of his cowboy buddies. He passed away a few days after a gun wound from a Texas ranger at 27 years old. A famous photo of Sam shows him to be in a duster drover coat with his hair slicked to the side.

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