Cowboy Style: Tips for Finding the Right Cowboy Hat

Howdy fellas. Let’s not mince words or waste time; a man such as yourself is here for one reason, and that’s to get some tips on how to get the full-fledged cowboy style. Sheplers has all the attire to keep a cowboy looking his best, but also has tips on finding the right cowboy hat.


You need to keep the sun out of your eyes on those long cattle drives, and the only way to do that is with a functional cowboy hat. Back in the old days, cowboy hats were perfect for long distance travel on horseback because they sat in place and they covered a good spread, neck to face.

If you spend time outside, check the spread on your hat and make sure it fits well. You don’t want to go chasing it when the wind picks up and it blows right off your head. It should fit snug on your head, but if you can’t get your index finger in between your head and cowboy hat, it is too tight. If you are ordering a cowboy online through a western wear store, take measurements of your head and check the dimensions online to make sure that you are ordering the right size.


Cowboy style is all about feeling confident and looking good. Cowboy up! The only way to do that is to know your look.

If you have a thin, long face, or you are a tall fella, then you want to go for the elongated cowboy hat.

If you have a round face and maybe you are a tad closer to your spurs than the next guy (a little shorter), then you want to get a cowboy hat with a high crown and a medium brim.


Cowboy hats in the country are like ties in the corporate world, you can’t have too many. But to start your cowboy style off right, get yourself a good black, and a decent beige cowboy hat. Wear a black cowboy hat with your dark jeans or denim, and beige with lighter colors.

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