Finding the Right Work Boot for Your Job



Sheplers knows your footware is critical, if for no other reason than the fact that is constitutes the very foundation you stand on all day. No matter where you are, you want to make sure your feet are comfortable and safe – without sacrificing style.

Work boots are one of the most important tools on any job site, because they can dictate productivity and safety of the worker. When trying to decide which work boots would be best for your job, consider the following factors: Safety, weatherproofing, and comfort.

When it comes to your work boots, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here’s how to determine which work boots you need to keep you safe on your job site.

Weatherproof Boots

One day spent in the cold and snow is all it takes for a man to truly appreciate a waterproof, insulated boot. These are the perfect work boot for keeping your feet warm, dry, and protected in less than desirable conditions. Sheplers recommends these boots for anyone working in cold weather, or somewhere with high levels of moisture.

Heat resistant, waterproof, and slip resistant boots are perfect for firefighters or welders.

Industrial Boots

Safety toed boots are made for those in an environment with heavy hazards, like construction, factories, and mills. These boots will protect your toes should something drop on them. Consider work boots with puncture plates to protect from nails and sharp objects, as well as outsole grips for traction on slippery surfaces like roofs.

Boots with steel insoles are also useful for those riding bikes, pushing pedals, or driving heavy trucks for extended hours.

Electrical Hazard Boots

Electrical hazards are common and extremely dangerous. If you’re working around wiring or high voltage circuits, your footware is critical to your safety. The soles in these electrical hazard work boots reduce potential of electric shock.

Spending a little bit more for quality boots is an investment in how good you’ll feel each day. Quality work boots last a very long time, and get the job done. Combat discomfort, danger, and fatigue with work boots from Sheplers.

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