Five Handy Cowboy Boot Care Tips

When it comes to cowboy boot care, you can never have enough tips. Considering that most cowboys consider their boots to be an extension of themselves, who can blame them?

Cowboy Boot Care Tips

With generations of experience in providing some of the highest quality boots around, you could say that here at Sheplers, we know a thing or two about making sure your boots get the best possible care. Don’t believe us? Then try these five handy cowboy boot care tips and see for yourself.

  1. Cowboy Boot Storage. Store your cowboy boots with a cedar boot tree inside them; this will allow them to breathe while the cedar shoe trees absorb any moisture and retain the boot’s original shape.
  2. Cowboy Boot Soles. Are the soles of your boots scuffed or discolored? For optimal cowboy boot care, use edge dressing to re-stain the sole of each boot. Before you know it, your boots will look as good as new!
  3. Damp Cowboy Boots. There are few things worse in life other than damp cowboy boots. A rule of thumb for cowboy boot care is to let your boots dry naturally if they get wet. While it may be tempting to dry them with a heat source – don’t. Trust us, you can thank us later!

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