Forbes Predicts Boost in Nashville Tourism

Nashville Broadway Street

Nashville has always made its mark in a number of industries from the culinary world to entertainment. Country music and rock n’ roll stars, foodies and chefs, and countless events all pass through Nashville throughout the year. But this year, Nashville expects to grow even more, as Forbes predicates a boost in Nashville tourism due to the highly anticipated Ken Burns Country Music documentary.

Who Is Ken Burns?

Ken Burns is an American filmmaker who just released an 8-episode country music documentary. This documentary focuses on the many faces who helped shape country music. The 8-part series delves into the era of the Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers and beyond. The documentary will also highlight some of the major artists of each decade and wrap up with Garth Brooks in the 90s.

The highly anticipated film will also show snippets of never before seen footage of the Grand Ole Opry. Though the film talks about several significant country music landmarks throughout the country, it also demonstrated how all roads finally led back to Nashville, which will surely boost tourism to the city.

Nashville’s Boost in Tourism

With the boost in Nashville tourism, the city is ready to tackle the larger crowds. For example, the Grand Ole Opry just added a new visual and 360-degree experience to give visitors a taste of what artists feel up on that stage. Ryman Hospitality Properties will also be launching a multicast TV channel “aimed at country music fans and those dedicated to the country lifestyle.”

The city has been planning for a boost in Nashville tourism. It’s not the first time Nashville has made headlines. Actor Chris Pratt took to the stage in July 2019 to sing some of the top country music songs.

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Forbes – Nashville Readies For Boost In Tourism Following Ken Burns ‘Country Music’ Documentary

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