How to Incorporate Country Style into Formal Attire

woman wearing western style wedding dress

Formal events typically assign a strict dress code that typically includes your nicest suits and gowns. With a limited dress code, you may feel trapped with no room for your personal style. There are several ways to incorporate country style into formal attire.

Western Dresses and Skirts

The most common articles of clothing for formal events are dresses and skirts. Not only are dresses and skirts stylish but they’re also comfortable with ample breathing room. One of the best ways to incorporate country style into formal attire is through prints, fabrics and length. Instead of choosing a solid, traditional gown, opt for a western lace tiered dress you can pair with your favorite boots or some heels. If you are required to wear a long, maxi dress, you can pick one with added features like the Scully lace-up jacquard dress. The lace-up detail mixed with the jacquard print is absolutely stunning!

If you prefer to wear a skirt instead of a dress, don’t worry, there are a lot of options for you! Our stylists suggest wearing a solid colored top with a patterned maxi skirt. This is an excellent way to blend the constricted formal dress code with your country roots. You can choose from leather fringe skirts, embroidered maxi skirts or even a leopard printed mesh maxi skirt. Keep in mind appropriate lengths, and don’t be afraid to add your personal style.

Men’s County Outerwear

Adding your personal style to a formal dress code is simple with men’s country outerwear. You will be able to fit in with the rest of the crowd without shying away from your personal style. There is a wide selection of western suits and sports coats that will have you showing up to your event in style. A great way to incorporate country style into formal attire is through subtle details on sport coats and blazers. The Scully lamb leather blazer appears like a traditional blazer, but the leather material transforms it into a luxurious country jacket. Another great option is the Circle S Galveston sports coat. This sports coat has subtle but fancy stitching yokes on the front and back that will have you showing up in style.

Country Formal Accessories

Another excellent way to incorporate country style into formal attire is through accessories. The shoes you pair with your outfit and the added details can make a whirlwind of a difference. Who says you can’t wear your trusty cowboy and cowgirl boots to a formal event? Our western wear specialists encourage you to step out in style with your favorite boots to pair with your formal attire. You can also add your favorite cowboy hat and jewelry to make a statement with the formal dress code.

Remember, don’t be afraid to incorporate country style with formal attire! Add your personal style to no matter how limiting the dress code seems.

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