Get Stylish with Spray Painted Cowboy Boots

When you have a ton of different pairs of cowboy boots, it is fun to mix things up! Have you ever thought about spray painted cowboy boots? Here at Sheplers, a store for women’s western wear, we show you how you can spray paint your cowboy boots to turn an old pair into a completely different, new look.


You will need:

A pair of old cowboy boots
Spray paint – you can use any color, but spray painted cowboy boots look great in turquoise, pink, or gray. Use a high-quality spray paint for the best results.


  1. Stuff some newspaper inside, so you do not accidentally get the inside when you spray paint your cowboy boots.
  2. Set up newspaper in a square area on the floor for easy clean-up. Make sure you put extra weight on the newspaper so it does not come up from wind or an accidental step-and-slide.
  3. Wipe down the cowboy boots to make them as clean as possible.
  4. Hold the can of spray paint about 5 or 6 inches away, at all times of painting, to create the smoothest look. If you get any closer to the boot you may create splotches.
  5. You may or may not have to spray paint your cowboy boots with more than one coat.
  6. Allow them to dry overnight.
  7. Slip into your new cowboy boots!

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